Mortal Online 2

races & clades

Ingame Player Models

We have spent an enormous amount of resources and time on creating the world’s best looking characters. Since the players invest all their time in one character it is vital that these characters look believable to help the player connect with the world. We are very proud to present these highly detailed next generation playable races.

Over time we will introduce further character customization options for your character in the game such as barbers who will offer new beards, hairstyles, and tattoos. Your body size also varies depending on what you eat in the game which will give you further options to decide if your character should be lean, muscular or obese.


The Tindremenes are renowned for their history as conquerors. In times past, the Tindremic Empire dominated large parts of the known world with outposts in every corner of the realm.

Those days of glory are over, but the Tindremenes still regard themselves as the finest, most advanced civilization in the world.


The Kallardian continent of Nordveld is a place of magnificent mountains and bitter cold. Once this realm was home to many warmongering klans, but history tells of their consolidation under one chieftain to fight the invasion of the Tindremic forces.

Many years have passed, and although there has been a truce between the two peoples since the Conflux, it is an uneasy peace.


The ancient Khurites have long endured as nomadic hunters and herdsmen. Living closely with their herds, they are among the best horsemen in the world. These fierce, nomadic people identify themselves by tribe rather than race, and tribal wars are common.


Below the equator to the south-west lies the arid desert covered continent of Sarducaa. Scattered among the sands are the lush oases which provide homes for the Sarducaan people. In the past the Sarducaans have withstood incursions by both Tindremenes and Kallards, but the nations are now at peace.


At some point deep in the mists of pre-history one of Nave’s continents sank into the ocean, carrying with it the entire Shinarian civilization. Today only their slave race, the Sidoians, remain. They have long roamed the earth searching for remnants of their former masters knowledge.


The product of the tragic union between Risar and Human, the hybrid Thursar are the offspring of crimes committed in the wake of battle. Mothers of both races frequently abandon their bastard children to be raised in squalor and exploited as slaves.


The Veela and Sheevra of the Alvarin clade have lived on the remote continent of Urmothâr for as long as history recalls, although the name actually means New Jungle Lands. The Sheevra have a settlement in Toxai on Myrland, but except for the relations with the Khurites they have very little contact with other human races.


The Veela live as hunter-gatherers and generally group in complex patterns of non-permanent tribes. The tribes often have an underground counterpart among the Sheevra. Their animistic society revolves around fearing and controlling Anam, the spirits of nature who are believed to be present in all things.

The Veela are known for their power to shape organic things, however the constituents of this ability remain a mystery to most outsiders.


The Blainn race is the youngest of the Oghmir clade. At some point in history they separated from their Huérgar ancestors and settled in the cold mountains of Nordveld, merging their lives and cultures with the native Kallards.

As centuries passed and their use of Ichor declined, they began to change and adapt to their new climate and culture.  


Before the Conflux many Huérgar lived above ground, although they were never ones to mingle easily with the other races of Nave.

When their alliance with the Tindremic Empire fractured, most Huérgar families chose to withdraw from the outside world to the safety and seclusion of their stronghold, Gal Barag, deep within the Talus Mountains.

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