Mortal Online 2



At some point deep in the mists of pre-history one of Nave’s continents sank into the ocean, carrying with it the entire Shinarian civilization. Today only their slave race, the Sidoians, remain. They have long roamed the earth searching for remnants of their former masters knowledge.

The majority of Sidoians are wanderers and explorers. They only make pilgrimage home to Sidoia a few times in their lives to share their discoveries. Their culture, divided into workers and philosophers, revolves heavily around the mathematical and geometric skills they use in their quest for lost knowledge. These talented nomads often sell their services as teachers and craftsmen.

The meticulous dogmas of Sidoian society have resulted in a racial inclination towards logic, reasoning, and sagacity. Despite their intellectual skills, they’re a powerful people who value raw strength and endurance over physical agility

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