Massive Open World

Nave is a seamless world with no loading screens, where you are free to explore in any direction without barriers or restrictions.

It is a world filled with emergent systems, resources, and wildlife, where survival and prosperity depend on your knowledge and perception.

Player Driven Content

Mortal Online 2 is first and foremost a player-driven game. It is the players who gather resources, craft goods, set up trade routes, build houses, fortifications, and villages – wage wars, or keep the peace.

No matter what you choose, your time in Nave is guaranteed to be an unparalleled experience, exclusive to you, and forever written into its persistent history.

True Real Time Combat

The combat system in Mortal Online 2 is unprecedented in a fantasy MMO.

First-person, real-time, aim-based, directional attacking and blocking.

Melee, archery, and magic, mounted or on foot.

Engaging PVE

Mortal Online 2 has rich variety of creatures, characters and monsters to battle. Travel into deep dungeons to fight well organized foes that communicate and work in groups.

Hundreds of Skills & No Character Levels

In Mortal Online 2 there are no classes or character levels to restrict you.

With hundreds of skills to discover and choose from, you are free to train, re-train, and completely customize your own unique character build.

Profession Skills

Set up a business and profit from gathering, taming, breeding, refining, crafting, construction, trade, and more.

The crafting systems in Mortal Online 2 offer a truly rewarding experience. Behind each deceptively simple profession lies a hugely in-depth system with opportunity for intrigue, discovery and wealth for those who seek it.

World's Best Looking MMORPG

Mortal Online 2 redefines what MMORPG graphics can be. 

Experience a beautifully rendered massive open world with stunning next generation quality. 

Races & Clades

Create your unique avatar from 4 different clades and 11 races.

We have spent an enormous amount of resources and time on creating the world’s best looking characters. Since players invest all their time in one character, it is vital your character looks believable to help you connect with them and the world.

First Person Only

Mortal Online 2 is a true first person MMORPG. 

You experience the game world entirely through the eyes of your character. This results in a heightened sense of immersion and allows for interesting tactical situations. 

Persistent Housing

Build a real house anywhere in the world that everyone else can see and enter, or claim the ruins of a keep and rebuild it to its former glory.  

Carve out a slice of Nave for yourself and your allies.

Rule An Entire Nation

Join a guild to compete for trade or territory, build keeps and engage in epic wars.

With enough power, violence or diplomacy, you and your allies will be able to rule an entire nation.

Globally Accessible

Due to our advanced network solutions, Mortal Online 2 is playable from anywhere on earth provided you have a stable connection with no packet loss.