Massive Open World

Step into a seamless world with no boundaries, where you are free to explore in any direction, experiencing the world entirely through the eyes of your character in true first-person.

Discover a realm brimming with resources, wildlife and danger, where survival and prosperity depend on your knowledge and perception.

True Real Time Combat

Experience unprecedented first-person, real-time, aim-based directional attacking and blocking, whether you’re wielding a sword, harnessing the power of magic, or mastering archery on foot or from the back of a mount.

Seize control of your destiny as you decide the outcome of each thrilling encounter, where your skill and strategy determine victory or defeat.


Master powerful schools of magic and collect rare spell scrolls to fill your own unique spellbook.

Whether you’re a warrior employing simple healing spells or an eccentric wizard capable of changing the weather, magic is real and can decide the fate of any encounter.

The Hunt of a Lifetime

The world of Nave is home to a rich variety of creatures, characters and monsters, be they lowly bandits and spiders, or fantastical and enormous creatures such as lumbering trolls and elemental giants that require large groups, preparation and knowledge to conquer.

Dare to face the unknown, prove yourself as a true champion, and leave a legacy of heroic deeds in your wake.

Beast Mastery

Create close bonds with the wildlife by taming new companions, either as beasts of burden or to fight by your side. Almost all fauna may be tamed, fed and increase in strength through experience.

You may also ride atop your new companion, and should your mount be large enough to hold both of you, even invite a friend along for the journey.

Crafting & Professions

Every piece of equipment in Mortal Online 2 is crafted and traded by real players, from millions of possible combinations.

Profit from gathering, taming, refining, crafting, construction, trade, and more. Behind each deceptively simple profession lies a hugely in-depth system with opportunity for intrigue, discovery and wealth for those who seek it.

Territory Control

Build a real house anywhere in the world, furnish it with trophies of your adventures and make your very own slice of Nave a comfortable one.

Or start a guild, increase your prominence and wealth by earning Glory and Prosperity. Place the foundations of your empire and expand your Territory via domination and control of vital resources and pivotal locations.

With enough power, violence or diplomacy, you and your allies will be able to rule an entire nation.