Crafting & Skills

Craft What You Want

Massive crafting system

Mortal Online 2’s crafting system is huge and deep. It is simple in principle but can be very complicated in practice – how complicated varies from craft to craft.

Hundreds of materials can be used sometimes with billions of possible combinations. What works may sometimes be a question of skill and testing and sometimes of common sense. Yes you can craft a suit of armour out of lead, but are you sure anyone would want to wear it? We offer you the freedom, but as with many things in Mortal just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Crafting will also require knowledge of the appropriate material lores. You can craft without the lore, but the result will be very second rate. This can result in crafters being able to make armour out of one thing but not another for example. Just because you can make a good sword out of steel doesn’t mean you can necessarily make a good one out of Oghmium.

As you increase in skill the quality of your crafted items increases.

Where realistic, damaged items can be repaired if they are not totally broken.

    • With level 50 skill and 50 lore, you can repair items at full effectiveness.
    • With level 70 skill and 70 lore, you can make an item that is perfect in every way except durability.
    • Beyond level 70 in both skills, the durability continues to improve.
    • At 100 in both skills you can additionally sign your name on your crafted items, as well as have a chance to craft legendary items which visually look better than if a lesser skilled crafter made them, both proving that the item is made by a master craftsman and advertising your own skills.


For extracting the quality of your materials does not vary – simply the amount gained. (Extraction is the art of getting materials out of other materials.)

It is also important to bear in mind that for some crafts the items need to be tailored to the end user. For example a bow should have a pull appropriate to the strength of the user. Too high and he won’t be able to use it, too low and he won’t be getting as much out of it as he could.

Armor Crafting

Nave is a harsh and unforgiving world. You will not get far without armor to protect your vulnerable body from the lurking dangers that would seek to destroy you.

Armor can be fashioned by a skilled smith from almost any material in the game. Be it reliable steel or cobbled together from the bones and skin of your fallen foes.

Your armor will only protect the part of your body it covers, a full faced helmet might keep your head safe but it will not stop someone or something from hacking your unarmored legs off. 

From the visual shape and style to the density and thickness of both the primary material as well as the padding, you can truly tailor your armor pieces to suit the needs of the wearer.

As you become more skilled in your art, not only will the quality and effectiveness of your work increase, but for master armorers so will the opportunities to personalize your pieces.

Only a grand master of the craft can place a signature on his handiwork as proof that you can trust the piece with your life.   

Weapon Crafting

Weapons are an essential tool on Nave, making weaponsmiths highly regarded and sought after people.

As a weaponsmith you will not only be saving the lives of your customers by helping them end that of their enemies, but you will likely amass a great wealth doing so.

Although all professions offer vast depth, not many other professions offer as much personalization and customization as weapon crafting.

Whether it be sword, axe, hammer, spear, dagger or pole weapon, one or two handed, each component such as hilts, shafts, handles, heads and grips as well as the material each one is made of are entirely up to you.

Every material is different and will affect the properties of the weapon you make. For instance, making the hilt of your sword out of wood will certainly make it lighter and easier to swing, but it will not withstand much use.   

Choose the blade, hilt, shaft or handle that you like the most or tailor your weapons to the wants and needs of your customers, the choice is yours and the number of combinations is staggering.

Shield Crafting

Whether it is a small and light buckler or a large heavy tower, shields can offer substantial protection at the cost of occupying one of your hands.

Shields can be made in many different shapes and sizes, and from many different woods and materials.

As with every crafted item, different materials will affect its properties and a large metal shield will not only offer better coverage and mitigation but also be heavier and cost more stamina to move around than a smaller shield made of less dense materials.


Everyone needs to eat, and remaining well-nourished is an important part of everyday life on Nave.

Almost anything and everything can be used as an ingredient while cooking and you have a large selection of tools to cook them with.

Whether you are simply spit roasting some beef on a fire, carefully measuring out the ideal ratios of flour and milk to bake a cake or fermenting the perfect wine, anyone can cook a simple meal but only dedicated artisans will discover the true depth and countless combinations behind the culinary curtain.

You are what you eat

All foods have various realistic properties and will nourish you in different ways.

Eating nothing but butter fried pork will result in weight gain and consequential loss of dexterity, whereas eating too little food will result in weight loss making you not only weaker but also lighter and more dexterous.

Characters can be everything from skeletal to obese and different weight classes will be not only visually reflected on your character but also modify your stats in many ways.


Nothing is wasted in Nave.

Every animal, including people, can be killed, skinned and butchered to break down their bodies into valuable raw materials such as skin, hide, fur, teeth, bones, meat and tallow. These can be traded, used in crafting or cooked.  

This can be done either in the field with a skinning knife or at a specialized and less wasteful butcher table after hauling your quarry back to town.


Behind every ingot of metal is a skilled miner who makes his living pulling rock from the ground, crushing, grinding and refining it into the strongest materials on Nave.

Whether you are refining serviceable steel or the elusive Oghmium, mining is the first step and an integral part of the metal production chain.

The process of extracting ore from stone and metal from ore is one requiring both strength and intellect. A strong body is required to haul the rock, but the knowledge of where to find and how to efficiently process it is equally as important. 

Hundreds of Skills & No Character Levels

There are no character levels in Mortal Online 2. 

Mold your own unique character from a pool of skill points that can be assigned to hundreds of skills. 

Choose your own path by training the skills you want. Skills can be learned, unlearned and the points reassigned to other skills whenever you choose.