Melee Combat

Combat in Mortal Online 2 uses real time, directional attacks and blocks, where you decide every move your character makes.

Attacks can come from one of four directions, right, left, overhead or thrust.

You must also account for the length of your weapon and distance to your opponent, as every swing is accurately traced and hitting with the hilt or handle of your weapon will deal less damage than the blade or head.


Each and every time you loose an arrow, you must account for the strength of your specific bow which affects arrow flight, as well as the speed, distance and direction your target is moving in. 

Archery in Mortal Online 2 uses real projectiles, shot from bows that vary in draw strength based on the bow shape, density and composition of the materials they were crafted from. 


Many things on Nave inspire fear, however the sight and sound of heavily armored shock cavalry charging towards you is hard to match.   

Player Skills Matter

While there is strength to be found in numbers, a skilled combatant is capable of besting opponents with much better equipment, as well as multiple opponents at once. Quality equipment will help you, but there is no substitute for hard work and training.


When you die in Mortal Online 2, your body remains in the world in the form of a bag filled with everything you had on you at the time of death. Your clothes, armor, weapons and any items in your inventory will all be free for the taking by whoever killed you or any passers by.

Do not fear, most losses can be regained rather easily and much of the equipment you will use is not difficult to obtain. Just remember to keep your most valuable items in the bank before leaving town. 

While your mortal body stays behind, your spirit enters the etherworld where you must search for a priest who can pull your spirit back into the realm of the living and reform your body.


With each venture into the great open world outside the protection of city walls and guards, the chances of you dying and losing everything you’re currently holding are incredibly high.

Failure, embodied by death in this case, can be the greatest teacher.  

Remember, death visits even the most experienced players. The difference is how you prepare for it and how you learn from your mistakes. Those with a good amount of resilience will find success easily by learning from their failures and becoming more knowledgeable with every death.