Magic SChools

Ecumenical MAgic

The Ecumenical school of magic contains some of the most important spells, such as healing wounds, purifying ailments, corrupting foes and creating magical shields.


Spiritists are the only ones capable of reaching into the ether and pulling forth wayward spirits, reforming their bodies so they may live once again.

Spiritists traverse and harness power from the ether in the form of spirit energy, harvested from those that dwell within.

This energy can be used to bolster the Spiritist’s powers within the ether, or released in concentrated bursts to harm others in the material plane.


To be a necromancer is to master death itself. 

Control a horde of undead servants, craft abominations made of interconnected corpses through rituals and ride a death steed that never hungers. 

Necromancers thrive by controlling the dead, draining the life from their foes and leaving disease and pestilence in their wake. 


The Elementalist claims dominion over the primary elements of fire, air, earth and water. 

From small stones and piercing shards of ice to giant crushing boulders, gravity fields and meteor showers, an Elementalist can form, conjure, propel and direct a staggering combination of interesting spells at their foes.

A master Elementalist can also control the weather around them, ensuring the perfect environment for channeling and casting the most powerful spells.