The climate in the city of Tindrem is warm all year round, with high temperatures during the summer months and only in rare cases does it become really cold during the winters. Because of this climate the inhabitants of Tindrem are lightly dressed. The classical Tindremic piece of clothing during the summer days is a toga with no sleeves, the female counterpart of toga is a stola, this garment is worn with open sandals. During the winter months the people often wear a long-sleeved tunica together with a pair of bracae (trousers), with socks worn inside the sandals and an additional mantle, palla, fastened by brooches.

The clothes are an important status symbol for women as well as men, and are often colored in different patterns and decorated with various ribbons and ornaments. The women often put emphasis on their breasts with a corset or a strophion, and often expose one of them by tying their stola asymmetrically. The most common material for clothes is coloured cotton followed by different kinds of silk, during the winters the garments are decorated with exotic and rare furs. A rule that rings true to the young Nobilitas is that the more impractical piece of clothing is the more status the wearer possess, since this individual then display that he or she do not have to do any manual labour at all. As an example of this the togas made of the extremely delicate and fragile material Sarducaan Papyrus are considered one of the most distinguished garments since it barely allows the wearer to move his or her head without breaking, leaving the wearer almost unable to move without being carried in a palanquin.