Mortal Online 2



Before the Conflux many Huérgar lived above ground, although they were never ones to mingle easily with the other races of Nave. When their alliance with the Tindremic Empire fractured, most Huérgar families chose to withdraw from the outside world to the safety and seclusion of their stronghold, Gal Barag, deep within the Talus Mountains.

Little is known about the true Huérgar. Those who remain outside have adapted and assimilated. They continue to worship Oghma, goddess of stone and metals, whom they see as the creator of the Oghmir clade. Belief is that her blood runs through the rocks in the form of Ichor. This liquid metal, used in a number of rituals, constitutes a fundamental part of Huérgar religion. The people almost seem to have a physical need for it.

Their small stature, dense bone structure and heavy physique suit their nature as cave dwellers, or is perhaps a result of it. Centuries of exposure to Ichor has both blessed and cursed them. Their tough reddish skin and exceptional night vision come at the cost of skin diseases and light sensitivity. Human societies perceive them as introverted, but their sense of logic is unmatched.

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