Mortal Online 2



The Veela and Sheevra of the Alvarin clade have lived on the remote continent of Urmothâr for as long as history recalls, although the name actually means New Jungle Lands. The Sheevra have a settlement in Toxai, Myrland, but except for the relations with the Khurites they have very little contact with other human races.

Many Sheevra have abandoned the nomadic lifestyle of the Veela and now live in permanent, sophisticated cave complexes. Like the Veela they are an animistic society which fears and seeks to control Anam, the spirits of nature who are believed to be present in all things. The Sheevra are known for their power to shape inorganic matter, however the constituents of this ability remain a mystery to most outsiders. Because of their enigmatic culture and foreign visage human civilizations tend to regard them with suspicion, although their skills in stone and gem crafting are highly valued.

Adapted to survival in the caves of Urmothâr, the Sheevra are small, lean and incredibly agile people with exceptional mental and sensory awareness.

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