Help Center

Creating Your First Character


  • Choose to be male or female. This will not affect your character’s stats or abilities. 


  • Choose one of our unique Clades (Races). Each species will have its own unique traits, strengths, and weaknesses. For now, your species will only impact your height and hitbox. Don’t worry, you may remake your character at any time with no penalty. 


  • This is the subspecies of your selected Clade. Currently, these have no impact on your character’s stats/viability. This will change in future patches.

Starting Location

  • Select your starting location. If you end up in a ghost-town, ask where players are congregating in help chat. During the alpha, most players group up in the same general area for testing purposes. Feel free to remake your character and select the specified city! 

Starting Equipment

  • Pick your favorite set of starting equipment. This will not “gimp” your character in any way. You have access to unlimited materials/crafting skills during the alpha. Players may craft all weapon and armor types with no risk. This will change with future patches.