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Melee Combat Basics

Attack & Block Directions

Mortal Online 2’s melee combat is essentially a high-speed matching game. There are four swing/block directions you will need to remember – Left, Right, Middle, and Overhead.

    • If your opponent swings to their left, you will need to block right.

    • If your opponent swings to their right, you will need to block left.

    • If your opponent attempts to stab, you will need to perform a middle block.


    • If your opponent attempts to overhead strike you, you will need to perform an overhead block.

Parrying Basics

There are two different blocking states in Mortal Online 2 – Parry & Block

    • Parry – During the first two seconds of raising your block, your blocking state is considered a parry. All successfully parried attacks will do very low damage, however the damage reduction is affected by your character’s strength and blocking skill as well as the blunt damage of your opponents weapon.
    • Block – After holding your block for more than two seconds, your parry becomes a normal block. During a normal block, successfully blocked attacks only reduce incoming damage rather than negating it like a parry.

Counter Attacks

Successfully parrying an enemy player’s attacks not only negates damage but offers an offensive reward as well. 

    • When you successfully parry an enemy player’s attack, you may launch a counter-attack within the next two seconds.
    • Counter attacks charge up much faster than normal attacks and always strike for maximum damage.

Charged Attack States

  • Holding down left-click on your mouse charges an attack.
  • While charging an attack you will notice a small circle surrounding your reticle.
  • Releasing a swing before the circle is full will deal damage relative to how full the circle was at the time of release.
  • Holding your swing until the circle is full provides 100% weapon damage.
  • After filling the charge circle completely, holding left-clicks for an additional two seconds will achieve an overcharged state. Overcharged attacks provide 120% weapon damage.
  • Upon reaching an overcharge, holding your swing for an additional two seconds will exhaust your character and begin reducing your weapon damage over time.

Hit Confirms/Missed Attacks

  • Missing an attack leads to the following.
    • Increased duration before your next attack.
    • Increased duration before your next block.
  • Successfully landing an attack leads to the following.
    • Instantly begin your next attack.
    • Instantly trigger your next block
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