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All About Death

Death & Full Loot

  • When you die in Mortal Online 2, your body remains in the world in the form of a bag filled with everything you had on you at the time of death. Your clothes, armor, weapons and any items in your inventory will all be free for the taking by whoever killed you or any passers by.  

How Do I Locate a Priest?

  • While your mortal body stays behind, your spirit enters the etherworld where you must search for a priest who can pull your spirit back into the realm of the living and reform your body.

    Large red beacons of light in the sky signify the location of a priest. You can travel to them through the etherworld, or open your character window and teleport directly to the nearest priest. 

    You can also teleport directly to your home priest.


Teleporting to the nearest priest.

  • Press the default key ‘C’ to pull up your character menu.
  • If you are looking at a picture of your character you are in the right place.
  • Underneath your character model, you will see two red buttons, “Priest” and “Home”.
  • Clicking “Priest” will automatically return your spirit to the closest priest who will resurrect you.
  • Clicking “Home” will automatically return your spirit to your most recently selected home priest.

Selecting a Home Priest

When you have chosen a location you would prefer to call home, you might want to bind your spirit to the local priest. Upon death, you may return to your selected priest at any time.

  • Locate the nearest priest in the settlement of your choosing.
  • As you move closer to the priest, a prompt will appear “Hold R set priest as home”.
  • Hold down the R key until the circle surrounding your reticle is completely filled.
  • Congratulations! You are now bound to your home priest.

With each venture into the great open world outside the protection of city walls and guards, the chances of you dying and losing everything you’re currently holding are high.


Failure, embodied by death in this case, can be the greatest teacher.  


Remember, death visits even the most experienced players. The difference is how you prepare for it and how you learn from your mistakes. 

Those with a good amount of resilience will find success easily by learning from their failures and becoming more knowledgeable with every death.

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