Mortal Online 2

criminal system

Becoming a Criminal

Committing a criminal action such as attacking or looting an innocent – blue named – person will make you become a criminal, and your name will turn grey to others. You can see that you are a criminal by the criminal debuff icon below your health bar. 

Criminal status will last for 4 minutes from the moment you commit a crime, but can be reset to 4 minutes if someone hits you before the timer runs out.

When the criminal timer runs out, you will no longer be flagged as a criminal and your name will turn blue again.

Consequences of being a criminal

While you are a criminal, other players may lawfully attack and kill you, as well as take your possessions.

If someone attacks you first while you are a criminal, you may kill them in self defence with no repercussions.

Guards will attack and kill criminals on sight.

Nation Standing

If you murder an innocent person, they will be able to report you to the priest that resurrects them. When reported, you will lose standing with the nation that priest belongs to, and you will also receive a murder count.

If a guard sees you while you are a criminal, you will also lose standing with the nation that guard belongs to. This can happen once every 5 minutes. If you go below zero standing with a nation, you will not be welcome in towns governed by that nation and the guards will attack you on sight.

You can gain standing with a nation by performing tasks for them. Task vendors can be found in Taverns.

murder counts

When you have 5 or more murder counts, you become a murderer and cannot report people if they kill you, even if you were blue at the time.

Your murder count will decrease over time.

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