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Archery Basics - Alpha

Until bow crafting is implemented, you will be obtaining your first bow/arrows from the NPC named “Material Vendor” located in every city.


Equip Your Bow

  • After purchasing a bow from the Material Supplier, press “I” to open your inventory.
  • Equip your new bow by right-clicking the icon within your inventory.
  • Equip your arrows by right-clicking the icon within your inventory.


Take Your Best Shot

  • Press “X” to enter combat mode.
  • Press and hold the left-click to begin drawing your bow.
  • As you hold left-click, you will notice a white circle filling up in a clockwise motion.
  • The white circle indicates the amount of damage your shot will deal.
  • When the circle flashes, you have reached maximum damage.
  • Release left-click to fire your bow.


Aiming Your Bow

Use the white reticle located within the charge circle to aim your bow.