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Archery Basics

Obtain a bow by crafting one yourself, or purchasing one from another player via trade or the broker in town. 

You may also purchase a basic but weak one from the weapon vendor

You will also need some arrows which can be bought from the utility vendor.

Equip Your Bow

  • Press “I” to open your inventory.
  • Equip your new bow by right-clicking the icon within your inventory.
  • Equip your arrows by right-clicking the arrow icon within your inventory.

Take Your Best Shot

  • Press “X” to enter combat mode.
  • Press and hold the left-click to begin drawing your bow.
  • As you hold left-click, you will notice a white circle filling up in a clockwise motion.
  • The white circle indicates the amount of damage your shot will deal.
  • When the circle flashes, you have reached maximum damage.
  • Release left-click to shoot your arrow from the bow.

Aiming Your Bow

Use the white reticle located within the charge circle to aim your bow.

You will have to account for your arrow dropping due to gravity, which is also affected by the power of your bow.