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Tune in to Henrik’s Twitch stream this Thursday, July 22nd at 18:00 UTC. During the stream, Henrik will be answering all questions regarding Mortal Online 2 followed by a special troll hunting event!

If you're interested in joining Henrik on his quest, make sure you're geared up and ready to go in Fabernum before Thursday's stream. All players are welcome to join!


Which school of magic would you like to see next?

  • Necromancy (24%, 459 Votes)
  • Harmonism (24%, 454 Votes)
  • Mentalism (21%, 403 Votes)
  • Staff Magic (15%, 294 Votes)
  • Elementalism (6%, 116 Votes)
  • Animism (4%, 85 Votes)
  • Illusionism (4%, 85 Votes)
  • Symbolism (1%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,910

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The animist is able to transform their body and take the form of a beast, they use magical power to connect to animals
and beasts and control them.


The Elementalist claims dominion over the elements of fire, air, earth and water. An elementalist can control the weather around them, ensuring the perfect environment for channeling and casting powerful elemental spells. There are several devastating area of effect spells including real time projectile based spells. The Elementalist uses the weather to his advantage.


Masters of musicality, the Harmonist uses instruments and sounds to influence the world in magical ways. They can boost the resolve of their allies or instill fear in the weak minded. Master Harmonists have also been seen healing their allies and strengthening their morale.


The Illusionist makes fools of anyone who cannot see through their magical tricks. With targeted sounds and visual magical effects, they have the power to manipulate perception. They can also disguise great things in the world and confuse their enemies. Master illusionists have been seen vanishing in plain sight or even making a perfect copy of themselves to fool the world. Even weak dragons have been tricked by the grand master illusionists. Many master thieves learn Illusionism, as confused or distracted are qualities of an easy target.


The Mentalist uses powerful magic to transport their physical body in short visible distances; they also have the ability to transform their skin into other materials, protecting themselves from different damage types. They have full control over modifying their body in various ways for any situation and the greatest mentalists have even been seen flying.


To be a necromancer is to master death itself. Control a horde of undead servants, craft abominations made of interconnected corpses through rituals, ride a death steed that never hungers. Necromancers thrive by controlling the dead, draining the life from their foes and leaving disease and pestilence in their wake.

Staff Magic

The Staff mage devotes a lot of time and energy into crafting a personalized staff which he binds his powers to. Creating a staff is an advanced process which is the key to the staff mages powers. A staff mage uses his staff not only to cast spells, but also as a melee weapon.


Masters of symbolism draw their power from ancient magical symbols painted in the air or on physical objects. Some of these symbols trigger magical effects when being looked at or touched by anyone. When activated, these symbols can harm or
protect the symbolist mage or anyone close by.

What is Mortal Online 2


Mortal Online 2 is a next generation, first-person, sandbox MMORPG set in a fantasy world.

In Mortal Online 2, players are never truly free from danger. There are no specific PvP or safe zones, only an open, realistic world where you are free to choose your own path. Experience true, real-time combat where outcomes are decided by skill rather than levels or gear.

Build your own house, create a guild, construct a keep and forge an empire. With enough power, violence or diplomacy, you and your allies may rule an entire nation.

Mortal Online caters to players of all shapes, sizes and playstyles. Become a legendary crafter whose goods are traded across the globe. Study the art of combat and become a famous warrior. Explore areas never before seen by other players. This is a world where your individual reputation is everything. No matter what path you decide to take, people will recognize you by the impact you've made on the world.

Who will you be?


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Mortal Online 2 is currently in Closed Beta.

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