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Learn more about the Closed Combat Alpha

What is Closed Combat Alpha?

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Players who own the Conflux donation package or have won a key through our newsletter or received one in a Discord or Twitter giveaway may join the closed combat alpha.

This alpha is focused on combat and combat only. Players will join on a single server at specific times to test different combat scenarios. This will be very different from the final game and more like a regular multiplayer death match.

Not all weapons or combat styles will be available in every test. Instead each patch will introduce some new weapons,armors and styles to test out.

The combat has changed a bit from Mortal Online 1 and we really need feedback from the community on these changes and the general feel of the new combat.

Closed Combat Alpha will be run using steam-keys so you are required to have a steam account to join. Closed Combat Alpha is currently planned to run for several months before the game enters early access.

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Get Closed Combat Access

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Closed Combat Alpha access is now part of the “Conflux” donation package.

To buy this package click the button bellow then login and on the left side press “Donations”. The package only costs 149$ and includes:

  • Lifetime subscription to Mortal Online 1
  • Access to the MO2 Closed Combat Alpha
  • Mortal Online 2 Client
  • 1 Month of Mortal Online 2 subscription time
  • Reserve one character name

Please note that we have a limited amount of keys the option to buy into closed combat alpha will run until they are all out. If you can’t see the donation package it’s because we are out of keys.

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If you want even more development updates and a chance to be apart of Closed Combat Alpha key giveaways join our Discord server and follow us on twitter.

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