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How Does “Ping Normalization” Work?

With a globally accessible one world server where all players inhabit the same game world comes many challenges. 

One such challenge is ensuring the game is playable and smooth for all players, especially during PvP, no matter where they are in the world.

Thankfully we had some very skilled and intelligent people on our team to tackle this problem, and we’re happy to say we have developed a solution. 

Without getting too technical, the form of normalization we use is unlike many other games, in that we do not simply raise the minimum amount of latency players have. 

Our system does some magic behind the scenes to make sure when you swing your weapon, everyone around you sees you swing it at the same time you see it yourself on your own screen. This gives everyone enough time to read the attack and have a chance to block before you hit them. 

With this system, even players on the other side of the planet can react to and competitively engage with each other at a very high level without experiencing any technical issues or problematic lag.

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