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I’m Stuck. What Do I Do?

So your character is stuck and you’re unable to move or jump to freedom. What are your options?

Stuck Function

  • Press the “Escape” key.
  • Click the “Stuck” button.
  • Your character will be nudged to the nearest free location.
  • The location of your character is saved on our database when using the stuck function so we can fix that spot in future patches.


What If The Stuck Function Did Not Work?

  • If the stuck function does not free you the first time, you can continue using the stuck function until your character is free. As the function does not actually teleport your character it can sometimes take a few tries.
  • If you are still not free after several attempts, contact in-game support to see if they can assist you. A GM will review the location and help you if they can by moving you to the closest available spot. 
  • Please be considerate and only contact a GM if you have tried unsuccessfully to unstuck yourself with the stuck command, as our GMs get many petitions for helping players. 
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