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Creating an in-game support ticket

If you need assistance from a game master while you’re in-game, follow these steps to create an in-game support ticket.

  1. Press the ESC button
  2. Click “Contact GM”
  3. Select the most relevant category
  4. Describe your issue as well as you can
  5. Submit the ticket and wait for a response.


Note: If you log out of the game with a ticket open, your ticket will be closed and you will not be contacted the next time you log in. If you close the game for any reason, you will have to create a new ticket. 


Keep in mind that game masters can not do things such as:

  • Give game hints, tips, or instructions.
  • Play the game for players.
    This includes things such as helping someone find their loot bag or lost pet, craft or construct objects, or teleport players back to town due to being lost, etc.

Responding to a GM

To respond to a GM who has whispered you, you can use the chat reply function. To use the reply function, type /r before your message. Your message should look like this:

/r  your message

The reply function will automatically enter the name of the person who whispered you and send your message to them.

Opening Excessive Tickets / Spamming

We understand that sometimes players can encounter issues requiring a GM’s attention that are very time sensitive.

However, spamming a ticket for the GM to get to your issue will not speed up the process and will actually make it take longer as each new ticket will be placed at the end of the queue.

Continuous spam of the same ticket may lead to temporary bans, so please only submit your ticket once and a GM will get to you as soon as they can.

Group Tickets

If your guild or group of players are running into a problem that requires a ticket, please only submit one ticket for the group.

Multiple group tickets will slow down the process.

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