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Creating Your First Character


  • This will only affect your appearance, and not your character’s attributes or skills.


  • The next step is to choose your clade, which will change your character’s appearance, attribute pool, height range and clade gift selection.
  • This is a very important decision to make that will have significant effects on your character, but don’t worry, you can always change your character and clade before leaving our tutorial island, Haven, should you want to experiment with other options or change your mind.


  • After choosing a clade, you need to select your bloodline. Each clade has its own bloodlines to choose your ancestry from.
  • The different bloodlines will also heavily affect your attributes and stats such as height. 
  • Remember, you aren’t expected to know what all of this means right away, and you can always reroll your character and selections later before you leave the tutorial island.


  • Strength

    Your strength represents your physical power, and affects your carry and armor weight, melee damage and how muscular your character looks.

  • Constitution

    Your constitution represents how hardy you are, and affects your health pool, stamina pool, carry and armor weight along with resistance to ailments. 

  • Dexterity

    Your dexterity represents how agile you are, and affects your movement speed, stamina pool and chance to hit weak spots or gaps in an opponents defence with melee weapons and bows. 

  • Intelligence

    Your intelligence represents your mental prowess, and affects your mana pool, as well as spell damage.

  • Psyche

    Your Psyche represents your mental fortitude, and affects your mana pool as well as resistance to hostile magic.

  • Attributes can be raised and lowered through action at any time, limited only by your attribute point pool and the maximum cap of your attributes.
  • Attributes also give bonus points to specific skills, allowing you to spend fewer points in that skill to achieve the same level.
  • For example, Intelligence contributes bonus points towards magic and crafting skills.


  • Height

    Your height affects how tall your character is, your health pool, melee damage bonus, carry and armor weight.

  • Weight

    Your body weight affects your attributes depending on which weight class you are in. While in the “Fit” weight class your stats are unchanged, however gaining or losing a significant amount of weight will alter your base attributes in realistic ways.

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