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    Character Limit.

    You're asking for too much do it all mate, that's not what they're aiming for
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    Character Limit.

    Your enemies will have the same challenge.
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    Aralis Enters the MO2 MMORPG Arena

    The economy is always tricky to balance out. Things that work during booms in population cease to function when things die down like in MO1. So in theory a lot of the specialization from the first game might have appeared to function ok with a healthy population, but most of us experienced how...
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    Aralis Enters the MO2 MMORPG Arena

    They were an Empire guild that supposedly were lawful good in their eyes but they made their own law and it was not "good" for small guilds who settled where they didn't like or even any individual who happened to at any point in time appear in the database as a member of a guild they did not...
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    Suggestions for skill progression in MO2

    I haven't played a billion games, so my experience is somewhat limited, but has there been a game that handled training of crafting skills in a good way that didn't involve making weapons and armor you'd never use because they're crappy until you've maxed them out? I can't think of a way around...
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    Bandages - Community Discussion

    Well people will complain about everything, doesn't mean they shouldn't be looking at ways to balance combat healing better this time around and limiting burst healing available.
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    Suggestion: Combine magic and all planned healing methods in one patch

    I wouldn't mind it all at once, but I think at the same time it wouldn't make as much sense unless SV somehow happened to finish all 3 at the same time more or less. More than likely Bandages being simplest system would be ready first, then magic, and they'll probably throw in like a vendor...
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    Combat Suggestions [Feedback & Ideas Appreciated]

    I might be in a very small minority on this, but I've dislike the parry/counter gameplay since it was introduced. I was going thru the old MO patch notes awhile back trying to find when it was goes back a long time obviously, but I just never liked the idea of blocking being an...
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    Suggestion - Replace the low stamina visual effect

    The current effect gets the point across but I don't care if they do it differently. They should keep both a visual and audio cue however because there are a number of hearing impaired folks who play the game who can't rely on an audio only cue.
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    Let us mix more of the weapons and handles

    They can always add more options for handles under each category over time as well which should satisfy those who want more options...I think at the end of the day that's what some are reacting to. I can't pretend to know the depth of the complaints or feedback SV has received over the years in...
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    Let us mix more of the weapons and handles

    Ya off the top of my head I can't think of a specific example from MO1, but I wanna say SV has talked about how balancing the system the way it was before was problematic. But just from a logical perspective I think this newer system gives them a better set of tools to work with this time...
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    Let us mix more of the weapons and handles

    Now they can just adjust a single handle type to target a much smaller permutation of over or underpowered things. Same thing from the other side with heads, changing one doesn't effect as many other things. It more knobs yes, but easier to target specific problems and adjust
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    Is this Meduli?

    It's Meduli or Venice Beach. I don't see greasy weight lifters in neon spandex so I'd say it's Meduli.
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    Let us mix more of the weapons and handles

    I think it's better this way now because it gives them more dials for tuning without tuning those dials effecting everything else. They'll be better able to target and fine tune what may need to be buffed or nerfed down the line. I would say it's not so much about is it perfect now, but more...
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    Old Weapon Stats

    I logged about 80 crafts yesterday evening and got the sense that they mostly just nerfed the amount of weight the handle materials were adding overall to the weapon to encourage other than spongewood use, and the discrepancy comparing old and new I think might be from how much the new handle...