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Tind, Fab, and Med brokers all filled up! Drink up! Money to be made in Meduli with my spelt buy orders, currently at 37c/u (that's 37g for a full stack!) due to competition. Might still go up if Besrezen doesn't back down. We got a buy order war going! Good luck to you sir!
Been Nr 1 since 2011. Always on top, never missed an arrow. But sometimes I aim for the ground.
Brewery refilled for thirsty travelers. It seems there was some beer left in the access chest, but some bonehead (probably Ownage) purposely spam-click withdrew/deposited until they disappeared. I had to put items in to get the beer back out to organize. Did I do something to you Ownage, or are you just a shitty person in general.
Brewery beer will be refilled soon, but someone cleared it out. Hopefully it was a few people, not just the turd in Fabernum that took it out the chest and is trying to resell 111 units of mana bear for 8g88s. His name is Ownage. Piece of trash.