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Join the ongoing alpha of the most hardcore sandbox mmo ever created and help us make the game the best it can be.

 -  Currently Mortal Online is in combat alpha, which means we focus on perfecting the core of all combat systems while we are implement the first continent, its cities, dungeons and other features.

 - Our alpha is currently limited, you can only get instant access when we release new MO1 donation packages.





Q: How long will the Alpha run

A: Alpha and beta tests runs till the game goes persistent state in the end of 2020

Q: How do I get in the alpha?

A: Keep an eye out for when we release new donation packages which includes alpha access and the MO2 client, we usually do updates regarding this on social media and newsletters.

Q: What does persistent state mean?

A: MO2 will never stop evolve and be developed with more features and land over time. The persistent release is when the core features are done and MO2 goes live and will save the progress.

Q: How do I get into beta?

A: Sign up above on beta to get into the free beta stress test phase which we will announce soon.

Q: How long will the beta run

A: Beta will be stress test phases of MO2 which will run limited of time which we announce soon.

Q: If I get alpha donation package will I have to buy the game at persistent release then?

A: No you will already own the game if you get the alpha access today.

Q: Will any of my alpha or beta progress be carried over to persistent release?

A: No everything will be whipped when the game goes persistent release when the game goes live.