Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

June 30, 2021

Patch is now live!
We added tattoos to the customization, opened up another dungeon and filled the world with brand new mini-bosses and other dangerous foes to fight!


  • Added tattoos to character creation.
  • Added a tax when creating a listing on the broker.
  • Added new debuff Burning.
  • Added new debuff Bleeding.
  • Added new debuff Poision.
  • Added new debuff Open Wound.
  • Added the Grave Keeper.
  • Added the Troll.
  • Added the Alchemist Bowman.
  • Added camera shake to certain AI attacks.
  • Added Management and Negotiation skill books to Librarians.
  • Added the aiming technique and marksmanship skill book to the Khurite Trainer.
  • Added Ironfur book to animist librarian.
  • Added Resolution Scale option to the video options.
  • Added the Management and Negotiation skill in the player skill list.
  • Added Potion Utilization skill in the player skill list.


  • Decreased charge and swing speed on all weapons.
  • Lowered extraction timers on all appliances.
  • You can now unequip an item using its actionbar slot.
  • Skill window now shows experience & progress to next level instead of progress to max level.
  • Adjusted broker listings per page & broker scroll speed.
  • New characters minimum name length decreased to 3
  • New characters maximum name length decreased to 14
  • AI can now cast all spells players can cast.
  • Thursar regeneration clade gift now impacts bandage heals.
  • AI with both ranged and melee equipment now make better decisions on what weapon to use when starting a fight.
  • AI can now trigger special attacks on targets that are in mercy mode.
  • AI can now have special self heal attacks.
  • AI can now use bandages.
  • AI in groups can now cast buffs and heals on other people in the same group.
  • AI attacks that require the AI to stand still now force them to stand still to avoid sliding.
  • Massive code cleanup for better server stability.
  • Logging out unsafe now takes 2 minutes and fully logout you and your pets.
  • AI now only move closer to their target if they mainly use melee attacks.
  • AI that spawn AI now chose better spawn points.
  • AI with equipment can now do better combo attacks.
  • AI with equipment can now add buffs.
  • AI with bows will now move away from targets that are close.
  • AI without bows can now use ranged attacks.
  • Improved Line Of Sight calculations for AI.
  • Power for Melee swings are now linear instead of break point based.
  • Swing and block delay from missing a swing increased.
  • Hitting objects when swinging will now give a delay to starting a new block or swing same as missing a swing.
  • Doing a counter swing now gives reduced melee damage taken for a short time.
  • Massive client sided rework of several systems. This should greatly improve stability on the client.
  • Improved multi-thread rendering option.
  • Improved loading and unloading of the HUD.
  • Restructured the HUD code to fix rare crash.
  • Updated fur.
  • Re-added fur on all creatures.


  • Fixed some ui issues in skills window.
  • Fixed bug placing an item/spell etc on a disabled actionbar slot will no longer make it disabled.
  • Fixed issue where you would stand up if you rotated while resting.
  • AI should now stand at a better distance from the player and other AI.
  • Fixed issue with horsebags and some normal bags being removed after server restarts.
  • Fixed server issue with items that had really long names causing issues when added to the broker.
  • Fixed an issue were Extraction didn’t provide the correct amount based on lore skills.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Resting skill to get interrupted by turning.
  • Fixed broken scale on shields.
  • Possibly fixed creatures trying to walk on terrain under the terrain they should walk on.
  • Fixed issue with Sators not being grounded.
  • Fixed the crash caused by fur.
  • Fixed issue with wolf movement animation.
  • Fixed movement issue when the player had very high FPS and was at the boarders of the world.
  • Fixed issue with resting skill being interrupted as soon as the player sat down.
  • Fixed issue that made AI look at their feet.
  • Fixed issue where you could end up in a strange state if your mount was killed while you were mounting.
  • Fixed other issues with mounts being removed while the player was still mounted.
  • Fixed issue with players sometimes being loaded a couple of meters away from where they should be.
  • Fixed issues with some LODs not correctly fitting the armors.
  • Fix issue with players not sitting on their horse when loading in.
  • Fixed issue with Sators not being able to move and attack at the same time in animation causing them to slide.
  • AI would sometimes get stuck in a slow-mo moving pose while in mercy mode. They should now properly stop.
  • World fixes.

Known Issues:

  • Ai inside dungeons can still spawn in strange places such as walls and floors.
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