Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

July 2, 2021

Time to sort out the issues the last patch brought and do some further melee balancing!


  • Added information about when an attribute is overflowed to the character sheet & tooltip.


  • Melee charge speed is now slightly slower.
  • Improved charge circle UI to better match the damage you deal.
  • Updated tattoos for Bet Huergar, Khurite and Tindremene.
  • Adjusted loot on Alchemist Bowman.
  • Updated localization from the community <3
  • Mounted velocity calculations remade to avoid spikes in velocity causing massive melee damage
  • Lowered the minimum damage you can do with melee.


  • Fixed bug where carry weight debuff didn’t take clade gifts into account
  • Fixed ui bug in pets window
  • Fixed bug where you got stuck in the fullscreen paperdoll window if you had chat focused while going fullscreen mode
  • Fixed bug in skill tree which made it so you could only see one parent skill
  • Fixed Sator Dungeon spawn issues.
  • Fixed White Bear spawn issues.
  • Fixed flaming hammer.
  • Fixed UI bug in pets.
  • Fixed issue with people not being able to add things to the broker without the negotiation skill
  • Fixed annoying “you don’t have a guild” message sent even if you were in a guild
  • Corrupt cast by AI should now correctly end
  • Magic spells that use buffs and debuffs should now work again
  • Fixed issue that made it impossible to add things to the broker.

Known Issues:

  • None
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