Mortal Online 2

Beta HotFix Notes

June 16, 2021

A couple of days and we already have a hotfix for you!
Haven is now a safe logout zone, the broker got some fixes, several crashes has been solved and the game now uses multit-hreaded rendering that boosts performance up to 40+ FPS in some places


  • Added missing Trade Broker to Tindrem.
  • Added ironwool book to Animist.
  • Added +4 Attribute points to Veela and Sheevra.
  • Added video option for Multi-threaded Rendering to utilize multi-core processors. Will improve performance on newer hardware. Can cause hitches and lower FPS on weak hardware.
  • Added Haven logout zone.


  • Removed the ability to sell bags on the broker, because it’s not ready yet.
  • Updated Bears ragdoll and collision.
  • Updated Nitre Worker locomotion.
  • Updated Sator size.


  • Broker ‘Active page index’ didn’t reset after changing filter/category.
  • Broker ‘player coins’ should now get updated properly.
  • Removed floating landscape piece NE of Meduli Ruins.
  • Fixed Risar one handed hammer handle having a bad grip point (character would grab it near the head).
  • Various fixes in Meduli such as adjusting/moving lights in buildings.
  • Crash fix: Turned off Garbage Collection clustering as it is affecting some users when logging in.
  • Crash fix: Game no longer crashes when retrieving melon course leaderboard results.
  • Fixed weird collision on floor tiles in Tindrem causing characters to float a bit in the air.
  • Fixed some animals being slightly above the ground in their assets.
  • Fixed issue related to closing broker ‘sell panel’ with esc.
  • Fixed Elder Nitre Worker that would not correctly align to ground.
  • Fixed collision issues on both young and Alpha Dire Wolfs.
  • Fixed Meduli fountain water gathering.
  • Fixed a crash related to displaying a screen message when casting a spell.
  • Fixed a crash related to changing movement speed while mounted on a horse.
  • Fixed an EAC error.
  • Fixes and improvements to some streaming levels.
  • Optimization: Core code refactoring that saves a few CPU cycles.
  • Crash fix: Some users would experience a crash when shutting down the game.
  • Crash fix: Paperdoll stats would sometimes crash when updating.
  • Crash fix: Crafting previews would sometimes cause a crash when done.
  • Fixed issue with max page number in broker not updating properly.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t swim in certain waters.
  • Fixed Toxai logout zone.
  • World and City fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with magic effects not being placed properly in the hands of the caster, causing the effect to appear some distance away from the hands.
  • Fixed issue with spell effects not showing correctly on the target of the spell.

Known Issues:

  • There’s sometimes an item missing in the broker panel ‘my market’, this is getting looked into.
  • Closing the broker ‘Sell’ panel with ‘esc’ causes weird behavior, you might need to press esc again once broker window is opened in order to use the broker again.
  • Some guard patrol paths are wrong. Some guards walk off-path, taking shortcuts or walk over some objects. The paths will be improved at a later time.
  • AI does not avoid walking through other characters at the moment. The so called “crowd movement” in the engine had to be removed when we replaced the AI movement. We are working on replacing it with our own.
  • Pets follow the owner at irregular speeds.
  • AI movement can be erratic, sometimes causing abrupt sprints.
  • Fur is turned off.
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