Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

June 14, 2021


  • Added Trade Broker system.
  • Added support for picking up mail used in the broker system.
  • Added Cougars.
  • Added DireWolves.
  • Added Sators.
  • Added updated weakspot calculation to dagger crafting.
  • Added new logout system:
  • Logouts In cities (safe area) logout takes 5 seconds and your pets logout with you.
  • Logouts In the wild (unsafe area) logout timer takes 30 seconds and after you have disconnected your character and pets will stay in the game world for 30 minutes.
  • Logouts In dungeons and other areas (no logout) the game will not allow you to logout in certain areas to avoid logout abuse like logging out inside dungeons etc.
  • Any disconnect regardless of what zone you are in will now keep your character and pets in the game for 3 hours.
  • Added new crafting system
  • Having your crafting skills and material skills above level 70 will now only impact the durability of the item you are making.
  • Crafting skill no longer impacts how much materials you use when crafting melee weapons.
  • The “worst” item you can make if you have 1 skill in every skill is now better than before.
  • Removed the dice roll from crafting that gave players legendary items if they were high enough skill.
  • Crafters that have 100 skill in all crafting skills required to make an item can now sign and name their items.


  • Improved textures on several rocks and cliffs.
  • Optimization: Spawning of characters is now throttled based on frame rate and should reduce load stutter a bit.
  • AI now has a max step height from server path to avoid them snapping up onto tall objects while moving.
  • Creature and character fur temporarily disabled to remove crashes. We are waiting for a plugin update before we re-enable the fur again.
  • Updated all community localization. (you guys are great <3)
  • Wolf Animation overhaul.
  • Bear Animation overhaul.
  • Wisent Animation overhaul.
  • Race Caps Balance: Increased Veela Str +4, Increased Sheevra Str +4, Increased Blainn Str +4, Decreased Blainn Con -4, Increased Blainn attribute points +8
  • Weight Dex Balance: Underweight +8 (5), Lean +6 (5), Fat -16 (-15), Bulging -22 (-20), Obese -42 (-40)
  • Lowered lowest move speed cap, so that obese mages get a bit more penalty. (Live since last patch)
  • Improved level streaming between Tindrem/Meduli.
  • Updated to the latest EOS and EAC SDK.
  • Added better EOS and EAC error handling, instead of crashing you should now get better information and the option to restart when EOS or EAC errors appear.
  • You can now auto learn the Pole Axe skill.
  • Cooking now needs the correct workbench/heat source to allow certain cooking tools.
  • Sprinting outside of combat now doesn’t drain the stamina reserve.


  • Refactored multiple core systems to fix engine garbage collection crashes.
  • Player should no longer become misaligned with the world after dismounting a horse in a slope.
  • NPCs would not look at a character in front of them if another character was close and beside or behind to them.
  • NPCs would sometimes not be floored because of engine spawn placement correction.
  • AI path points from the server would sometimes fail to project to the floor because it did not take character height into account.
  • AI should no longer take shortcuts over slopes and valleys causing them to float slightly over the ground in some places.
  • Player models no longer go nude when they die.
  • Fixed issues with chosing the Czech and Korean language options.
  • Fixed a bunch of issues with EAC that caused crashes.
  • Fixed the sound when interacting with player loot bags.
  • Fixed some issues with the Spider Caves.
  • World object and landscape fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with gathering rice not giving rice.
  • Fixed an issue where mount velocity wasn’t used correctly for damage calculations.
  • Fixed an issue where resting didn’t replenish reserve if Health and Mana was full.
  • Fixed an issue where a parried attack could still cause the parrier to lose armor durability.
  • Fixed bug where placing a new skill & such on top of a clade gift that was disabled made the skill unusable.
  • Fixed an issue with arrows not being synced on other clients.

Known Issues:

  • There’s sometimes an item missing in the broker panel ‘my market’, this is getting looked into.
  • Closing the broker ‘Sell’ panel with ‘esc’ causes weird behavior, you might need to press esc again once broker window is opened in order to use the broker again.
  • Some guard patrol paths are wrong. Some guards walk off-path, taking shortcuts or walk over some objects. The paths will be improved at a later time.
  • AI does not avoid walking through other characters at the moment. The so called “crowd movement” in the engine had to be removed when we replaced the AI movement. We are working on replacing it with our own.
  • Pets follow the owner at irregular speeds.
  • AI movement can be erratic, sometimes causing abrupt sprints.
  • Fur is turned off.
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