Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

May 31, 2021


  • Added Mounted Melee combat
  • Added Easy Anti Cheat. If you get an error that EAC is not installed please verify your steam files https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335 , this should install EAC.
  • Added Cave Camp cave.
  • Added more interest points to the world.
  • Added updated version of Kranesh.
  • Added FlipOff emote.
  • First draft of archer sway added. Currently affected by movement but not by skills (but will be later on).
  • Added support for AI attacks effects.


  • Update pet follow code to make it stop following you when it’s much closer.
  • Pets now logout when you logout.
  • Vendors who only buy certain items now show in the UI what they are interested in.
  • Removed the toggle guild affiliation option.
  • AI now support AOE attacks.
  • AI now support looping attacks.
  • AI now decide depending on their weapons if they should come closer to their target or stay put and use ranged weapons.
  • AI with bows now show arrow path when shooting.
  • Server optimizations for players riding mounts.
  • Update localization from the community. (thank you <3)
  • More action in the game now cancel hold on use.
  • You can resume sessions in the game instead of getting the “you are already logged in” message.
  • Shift + right click will now open bags when theres a bank window open.
  • You can now right click items to always transfer them to a bag while either bank or inventory is open.
  • You can now right click items in bags to transfer them to your bank if there’s a bank open.
  • Increased Alvarin cladegift movement speed bonus from 0.5% to 0.75%
  • Interacting with objects/NPCs will now fizzle charging spells.
  • Lowered stamina cost a bit on all 1H weapons.
  • Wolfbrush now reduces hunger a bit better for pets.
  • It now takes twice as long for pets to go from 0 – 1000 in hunger.
  • Added +8 to Blainn max constitution cap. (But at the cost of available attribute points)
  • Tweaked sweet spot on polesword and poleaxe swings.
  • AI attacks can now add buffs and debuffs.
  • Readded greyed out voip icon if the target can hear you.
  • Equipment is now scaled to look proportional when held by Risars.
  • The previous implementation that we used in the engine had too many issues with AI getting stuck or being several meters desynced from the server.
  • We have completely replaced the client-side movement of the AI to be more aligned with what the server is doing. The AI movement might not look that different from last patch, but it is completely replaced. This has resulted in both improvements and issues listed as known issues.
  • Improved CPU performance slightly by turning off a few unused AI-related components in the engine.


  • Fixed issue with animations after a player got kicked off a mount when in combat mode.
  • Fixed issue where you could mount a horse from very far away.
  • Fixed issue with AI that started fleeing or leashing instantly triggering attacks if they entered a attack state again.
  • Fixed issue with AI fighting AI with ranged weapons not firing their weapon.
  • Changing your pets name now updates the UI and the ingame pet name correctly.
  • Pet points now updates in the UI instantly instead of on relog.
  • Swift and Advanced riding now gain experience when you are riding.
  • Cooldowns no longer reset on relog.
  • Fixed pet lock not correctly showing the current state.
  • Lightning strikes from weather should now correctly show effects.
  • Fixed issue with murderers healing their own pet turning criminal.
  • Hopefully fixed the issue with players in mercy mode who got healed turning invincible for a short while.
  • Players who disconnect for some reason no longer logout their character, instead the character stays in the game.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed resting to get full gain from skills the user didn’t have.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a player getting their spell reflected to mark the spell reflector as the attacker.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the right arm to receive less damage than intended from archery.
  • Fixed an issue not showing cooldowns for Human clade gifts.
  • AI collision did not get disabled on death blocking the player from moving after killing an opponent.
  • AI would receive the wrong timings causing their movement speed to be wrong on the client side.
  • AI should no longer get stuck on some slopes or edges while pathing.
  • AI on the client should be better synchronized with its server position. AI could previously be several meters away from its intended location.
  • AI should no longer slomo-walk at the end of its path.
  • AI / Test dummies should no longer be tilted on spawn.
  • AI would not update their target on spawn causing them to not face their opponent properly.
  • Fixed lots of collision issues in the world. (stuck spots etc.)
  • Lots of world landscape polish.
  • Gathering corn now gives corn.
  • Fixed outdoor ambience sounds playing in Fabernum dungeon.
  • Fixed voip icon showing correctly when your target is talking.
  • Crash fix in HUD related to inventory items.
  • Crash fix in HUD related to player stats.

Known Issues:

  • Some guard patrol paths are wrong. Some guards walk off-path, taking shortcuts or walk over some objects. The paths will be improved at a later time.
  • AI does not avoid walking through other characters at the moment. The so called “crowd movement” in the engine had to be removed when we replaced the AI movement. We are working on replacing it with our own.
  • Pets follow the owner at irregular speeds.
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