Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

May 7, 2021


  • You can now open bags in banks by pressing ctrl + right click, added info to tooltip.


  • HUD messages should now always be on top of UI.
  • Made more UI windows movable.
  • Mounting with weapons now remove weapon and then dismount instead of stopping you from mounting.
  • Max members for a guild with no guildstone is now 500.
  • The first tick when resting now starts when the resting animation has finished.
  • Tweaked Hunter Lizard attacks to be less spammy.
  • Optimized navmesh in Morin Khur area.
  • Taming Hunter Lizards should now have a higher success rate.


  • Stamina reserves should now be drained correctly.
  • Max stamina should now be affected by stamina reserves.
  • Fixed issue with crafting windows displaying the wrong resource material.
  • Fixed issue where if you killed AI from very far away you would not see them die.
  • Fixed bow crafting preview not showing composite material.
  • Fixed issue where using no catalyst in extraction could be better than using a catalyst.
  • Fixed collision issues on stone stairs near Morin Khur Graveyard.
  • Stealing items from loot now makes you criminal instead of just flagging you as grey.
  • You no longer need to relog to see spells in the first spellbook you buy.
  • Crafting Presets now work again.
  • Crash fix when moving an item.
  • Crash fix in unstuck me.
  • Crash fix when playing arrow hit effect.

Known Issues:

  • AI pathing is still being updated. Odd issues like slomo walking during patrol, fast sprints or slight desyncs are still present.
  • AI being killed further away does not play the ragdoll sequence.
  • AI movement can get some hitching while moving or stopping while patrolling.
  • AI unstuck behavior is rough. If they get stuck in an object, or get a weird path, they will walk on the spot for a while and suddenly sprint to their new location. We will smooth this out.
  • You can draw your melee weapon while mounted even though mounted combat is not implemented yet. You can’t attack though.
  • You can get stuck inside other creatures/NPCs. Just try to move/jump away if it happens or use the “Im Stuck” feature in the escape menu.
  • Dismounting a horse while swimming will cause it to get stuck in the water. Just ride it back to shore and it should be fine.
  • Pets/Creatures/AI do not support swimming when moving independently. They will not be able to move in the water at all or walk on the lake/ocean floor.
  • Multiple crashes related to DirectX12 and drivers. Please update to the latest drivers if you experience this or switch to DirectX11. Start the game inside the Steam Library to select DirectX11 or DirectX12.
  • Mounts can in rare occasions get stuck in corners/objects. If you can’t move away from the stuck position, dismount and move away. The mount should unstuck when it tries to follow you if you use the follow pet command.
  • Mounts will continue to run while falling through the air. AI will get a proper falling animation state soon.
  • Player blocking animations are not visible at 10 meters / 30 feet away.
  • Killing a humanoid can sometimes cause equipment or hair to bug out during the ragdoll sequence.
  • The criminal/flagging system is still work in progress, please report any issues.
  • High FPS can cause input movement issues (locked movement direction, getting stuck, etc). Limit your FPS to 120 or less in video settings.
  • Stamina does not get affected by its reserve pool.
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