Mortal Online 2

UE5 PTR #4 Starting Tomorrow!

November 20, 2023

Greetings Mortals,

The UE5 PTR server will open up once more starting tomorrow on Tuesday the 21st of November at 2:00 PM CET.

Join us for another battle event as we confirm the optimizations we have made, and meet up with the team!

The location of the event will be announced tomorrow, and as usual there will be game masters available to teleport you to the area, along with spawned bankers, material supplier NPCs and crafting stations.

We have made several large optimization passes in various areas of the game for this PTR, with a large one being Morin Khur. We would love to hear your feedback about the performance of this area, as well as any others you happen to play in during the test.

Once the PTR has closed, we will hold a new feedback questionnaire as always. This build will also contain some of the new static guard towers placed around guarded towns and on connecting main roads.

See you on the PTR,

The Star Vault Team

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