Mortal Online 2

Public Test Realm Patch Notes – UE5 PTR #4 is Now Open!

November 21, 2023

How to access the UE5 PTR4

  • Open your Steam client and right click Mortal Online 2 in your games library.
  • Click ‘Properties’
  • Click ‘Betas’ on the left
  • Using the ‘Beta Participation’ dropdown menu, click on the Mortal Online PTR branch.
  • Your Steam client will then patch your game over to the test branch, and if the servers are up already you will be free to log in as normal.


  • Added Tindrem Vocal Theme song to Tindrem.
  • Fixed issue with footstep ground traces causing sounds to sometimes not play. This was most noticeable on horses.


  • Engineering skills now gain experience when building.

Movement and Combat

  • Equipment hits are removed for all equipment types except shields.
  • Fixed issue where players could be pushed through walls by mounts and creatures.

Flags and Standing

  • Fixed a bug where the pets flag did not always update properly.


  • Adjusted config settings to exclude small objects in the distance from shadow passes.
  • Moved fur mesh generation to a background thread to reduce creature loading stutter.
  • More game assets are added to the preload stage to reduce loading stalls mid game.
  • Schedule engine level destruction of gameplay actors over time to reduce micro stutters.
  • Reduced the cost of GPU velocity pass.
  • Fixed issue where an AI changing growth level would flush async loading and cause a game stall.
  • Fixed issue where spell effects could flush async loading and cause a game stall.

Buildings and Placement

  • Clarified some placement obstruction messages based on feedback from the previous PTR.
  • Supply Storehouses now only add defence to structures which are within 100m of them.
  • Removed the limit of only being able to build 1 Supply Storehouse.
  • Supply Storehouses now have a placement check, which will not allow placement if you are trying to place one too close to another Supply Storehouse.
  • Removed the Guild Guard from Priest Shrine Tier 3.

Guilds and Territory Control

  • Only the owners of a building may now pay its upkeep. Upkeep for keeps can be paid by guild members.
  • Fixed an issue that caused keep connected buildings to be able to be claimed by other guilds if destroyed.
  • Fixed issue where a user could disband a guild, create a new guild, and then automatically reclaim all the structures from the previous guild.
  • You can no longer use a Gate Expansion Plan to rebuild a previously existing but destroyed gate expansion to take ownership over it.
  • Guild members may not upgrade others houses, only the Owner of a house can upgrade it.


  • Fixed players receiving more than one instance of “Glory” even if they have been healing.
  • Fixed players healing other players’ pets would not give them a share of the glory.
  • Fixed healing calc where tamed/dom/ritual/zombies with full hp was counting as contributing, when you were actually healing for 0.
  • Fixed calc where players would sometimes be credited more than intended due to not properly checking Current Max Health.

Characters, AI and NPCs

  • Fixed issue in navmesh queries where AI would take shortcuts through the air when going up or down steep slopes.
  • AI now have individual spawn timers. This means that two AI killed at the same time will also spawn at the same time.

Input, Engine and Game Settings

  • The game now enforces the FOV range seen in the game settings to block players trying to circumvent it by unallowed means.
  • Updated physics on all capes and hairstyles due to the physics engine upgrade to Chaos.

UI and Interactions

  • Fixed a bug where title progression only updated once in real time.
  • Fixed broken grass gathering in a few places in the world.
  • Your guild name is now visible in the Social window under the Guild tab.
  • You now see a skull icon under the crosshair if you target a murderer and a sword icon if the person is a criminal.
  • Fixed issue where users would not be able to enter Nave after leaving Haven without restarting the client.

Lighting, Weather and Environment

  • Various art fixes across the world based on bug reports.
  • You can now walk on the ropes between buildings in Kranesh again.
  • Clear weather is now more common all over Myrland.
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