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Jul 19, 2020
By utilizing the Mortal Online Discord, you agree to be bound to and abide by the Discord rules. Any violation of the rules will be dealt with by Moderation staff in the appropriate manner. These rules are necessary to give customers a positive experience when visiting the official game Discord. The use of the Mortal Online Discord is a privilege, not a right. Star Vault reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, revoke the use of this Discord at any time, for any reason. Any discrepancies with staff or rules may be brought up to the Lead Moderator or Lead Game Master. These rules are subject to change at any time as deemed necessary by the team.

Our rules are split up into sections for easier navigation.

Section I: Staff Interaction.
Section II: Naming and Avatars.
Section III: Content.
Section IV: Topics.
Section V: Advertisement.
Section VI: Links, Images & Videos.
Section VII: Misc.

Section I: Staff Interaction
Staff are here to keep the community a positive environment. Please treat all staff members with respect, and remember the following:

I(a). Staff will be respectful to you, please return this courtesy. Abuse of Star Vault AB employees and Discord/Forum volunteers is prohibited. SV operates a zero-tolerance policy on abuse of Star Vault AB employees and Discord/Forum volunteers. This includes but is not limited to personal attacks, trolling, “revealing” Star Vault AB employees and Discord/Forum volunteers player identities, and the use of any former player identities when referring to these individuals.
I(b). If you have any disputes with moderation, please contact the Lead Moderator or Lead Game Master.
I(c). Do not attempt to guess volunteer staff identities. This includes implying or hinting at it, as well as linking to a webpage or image that breaks this rule itself.
I(d). Do not discuss moderation actions. If you wish to speak to a moderator about why that action was taken, please private message the Lead Moderator.
I(e). Under no circumstances should staff be accused of favoritism or corruption.
I(f). You will not insult any SV staff (specifically or in general) in game or moderation. If you have a concern or a problem with an SV staff member, please address it with the Lead Moderator or Lead Game Master. I(g). Private communications (both in-game and on the Discord) between SV Support and/or Moderation Staff are expressly forbidden from being posted on the Discord without permission of the staff member.

Section II: Naming and Avatars
All Discord names will follow these rules:
II(a). Names and Avatars will not be offensive or vulgar in any language. We will not accept definitions from satire definition websites.
II(b). Names will not impersonate any SV staff, other players or discord users, real world figures, or be connected to your real life self; this is for your own protection.
II(c). Avatars will not impersonate any SV staff, other players or discord users, or real world figures.
II(d). Names and Avatars will not allude to or contain pornographic/inappropriate content.
II(e). Custom titles for names are not allowed whatsoever unless given to by staff. Existing guilds names/acronyms are allowed, however.
II(f). Names and Avatars are subject to all the discord server rules.

Section III: Content
There are several requirements when it comes to content that community members post.
III(a). All content will be in common English. Any non-English discussions may be taken to private messages. The only non-English content may be posted in guild-recruitment.
III(b). Do not insult anyone, or speak offensively. While Mortal Online 2 can be competitive, any belligerent speech is not permitted. A certain level of trash-talk is allowed, but it needs to remain within reason.
III(c). Hate speech of any type is not tolerated on the Discord in any form. This includes speech against race, skin color, religion, disability, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation. This also includes derogatory slang referring to the previously mentioned. Any post content that contains Hate Speech, including embedded media, will be deleted.
III(d). Discussions will be mature. Refrain from ranting, spamming, flooding, being overly negative, and trolling. Any and all posts may be deleted at any time, if deemed necessary, by the Moderation Staff. Once a post is deleted, it may not be reposted. This includes copypastes.
III(e). Content will be constructive.
III(f). Content will not contain any symbolism to any real life events, places, or people including yourself; this is for your own safety.
III(g). Do not bump your trade posts in other channels. We have a trade channel for a reason. Do not excessively bump your trade post in the trade channel.
III(h). Do not post links in the general channel.
III(i). Under no circumstances will you release anyone’s personal, real life information; including your own. This includes anything out of game beyond the person's FIRST name. This is grounds for a permanent ban from the Discord.
III(j). Do not make real life threats against any Discord or staff member.
III(k). Do not post/discuss/promote any religious extremism. This includes glorifying, supporting, and/or linking to any pictures, websites, or other discussions. This type of ideology is not welcome on the Mortal Online 2 Discord.
III(L). Do not bump your guild recruitment posts in other channels. We have a 6 hour cooldown timer for each guild. Please let your guild recruitment officers know about this cooldown timer and plan accordingly.
III(m). Content included in images, gifs, and emojis is subject to the rules listed above.
III( n). The discussion/accusation/implication that other players are sexist/homophobic/racist/xenophobic is not something to be taken lightly. We do not want it on our server as it can cause unnecessary drama. If a user is making comments of aforementioned in game please report it to in game staff or by using the support email linked in rules. If this is happening on the forums or discord server please report it to a moderator via PM. If this is happening on any platform not moderated by Starvault AB we suggest blocking the user as we do not moderate it.

Section IV: Topics
IV(a). Do not discuss moderation action of the staff, or bans/suspensions of game/forum/Discord/streaming platform accounts of any type. Any concerns may be presented to the Lead Moderator or Lead Game Master.
IV(b). Adult topics are allowed but must be discussed with maturity. Offensive conversation will not be tolerated, nor will topics that might be seen as offensive to others. See III(b) and III(c).
IV(c). Do not link or discuss topics which break the Mortal Online 2 EULA or TOS.
IV(d). Do not discuss or advocate illegal/cracker/pirated software, drugs, or other illegal actions.
IV(e). Do not link or discuss pornography, or content which is graphically sexual in nature.
IV(f). Do not link, share, or discuss real life information of you, or of other players. This is for your own protection.
IV(g). Do not post any type of false information about Mortal Online 2.
IV(h). Do not link or discuss websites that contain game information datamined from the game client or an encrypted database. IV(j). Do not repetitively post content in the wrong channel. For example, game/help questions can be asked in the newb-help channel.

Section V: Advertisement:

V(a). Do not advertise or discuss other games/web pages unrelated to Mortal Online 2. Doing so could result in an instant ban. Discussion of other games is permitted only within the off-topic channel, but it must be kept reasonable.
V(b). Advertising in game guilds must be kept to guild-recruitment. There is a 6 hour cooldown per guild for recruitment posts so advertise wisely. Please try and keep your recruitment post unique and refrain from copying another guilds as that is in poor taste.
We ask recruitment posts contain the following:
Your guilds name,
Your guilds purpose/goals,
Your guilds play style (rpk, arpk, empire building, RP, trade, etc)
What kind of players you are looking for
How to apply
Contact details
V(c). You may not arrange to or discuss the sale/trade of your Mortal Online 2 account. Nor may you arrange for or discuss the sale/trade of any in-game asset for anything other than other in-game assets. Arranging/discussing for the sale or trade of anything game related, including in-game services, for real life currency is forbidden. Doing so may result in deletion of the account. This also includes arranging the sale or trade of subscriptions for either RL currency, in game assets, or any other form of trade whatsoever.
V(d). You may not arrange to or discuss the sale/trade of other game assets or real world assets including but not limited to graphics cards/computer components. This is for your own protection.
V(e). Do not advertise other Discord servers without permission from the Lead Moderator or Lead Game Master. This includes talking about the server or linking it in any way.
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Jul 19, 2020
Section VI: Links, Images & Videos
VI(a). You may not link or quote material such as images/etc that break the Discord rules or the Mortal Online EULA/TOS. EULA/TOS can be found in the helpful links section of these rules.
VI(b). Do not post or quote links to unofficial mirrors of the game client - all links to mirrors posted on the Discord must be verified and approved by Star Vault first.
VI(c). The content of any links posted or quoted must not violate any of the rules. Please note, some channels may have their own sub-rules, additions, or modifications to the rules that only exist for that channel.
VI(d). Music in any videos used, whether they are pvp or for just posting in off-topic, can contain whatever music you like, within reason. If the video contains rapping and inappropriate language that breaks the discord server rules is used, we will not moderate it, as you can simply mute the video. If you have any questions please message the Lead Moderator.
VI(e). Videos may be reposted once every 24 hours. Please search to see if your video has been posted too soon and refrain from reposting it. We will be treating this like spam if it becomes a pattern

Section VII: Misc.
VII(a). Mortal Online 2 contains adult content including animated violence and nudity. The posting of in-game nudity, even for Mortal Online 2 screenshots/fan art MUST have the discord spoiler filter added, as long as the poster provides sufficient warning that the image is not safe for work. To add a spoiler for images there's a checkbox called mark spoiler. For video links please add /spoiler and then your link. If spoiler tags become abused that user will be warned as if trolling.
VII(b). Attempting to bypass the MortalBot chat filter may result in a kick or ban.
VII(c). Do not post links or videos in the general text channel. VII(d). If you block a staff member you will be kicked from the server. If the block is not removed you will be banned. See I(a) and I(b).

Reprimand policy:
1st warning
2nd warning

3rd warning + 1 hr mute
4th warning + 24hr mute
5th warning + 48hr mute
6th warning + 24hr ban
7th warning + 1 week ban
8th warning + permaban

Private Messaging Moderation Policy:
We cannot moderate based on private messages you receive on Discord, as we cannot verify the authenticity of any message exchanges outside of the Mortal Online 2 Discord server. If someone is messaging you in a way that breaches Discord App's community guidelines which can be found here: https://discord.com/guidelines We recommend blocking the user and reporting them via Discord Trust & Safety. Instructions on how to do this can be found here: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-u...How-to-Properly-Report-Issues-to-Trust-Safety
If you suspect that you have been messaged by a scam / phishing bot that is also present in our server, please send us a screenshot of the bot's message so we can remove it from our server and keep others safe.

Automod warnings reviewed at mods discretion. Automod warnings containing hate speech will be counted towards the warning total. Leniency may be applied to your warnings if they are more than 12 months old. This leniency lies entirely at the discretion of the Star Vault Moderation Team. Bans This section deals with bans, how to appeal them, and how they can affect your in-game status. Appealing a temporary Ban If your Discord account has been temporarily banned, you are prohibited from creating and/or using further accounts to post. Doing so will extend the ban of your main account, and all evading accounts will be permanently banned; and potentially put your game account at risk. You may appeal a ban by filling out this form https://www.mortalonline2.com/help-center/, or send a PM to Lead Moderator on the forums. Please explain why you feel your account should not have been banned and include your discord ID. If you do not have anything to defend yourself with, you will not be unbanned; we do not unban people simply because they asked. Appealing a Permanent Ban If you wish to appeal a permanent ban, you need to fill out this form https://www.mortalonline2.com/help-center/, or send a PM to the Lead Moderator on the forums. Please explain why you feel your account should not have been banned and include your discord ID. If you do not have anything to defend yourself with, you will not be unbanned; we do not unban people simply because they asked. If your appeal to a permanent ban goes through, you will be placed on an indefinite probationary period. Any further breaches of the rules regardless of severity will result in a permanent ban with no chance for an appeal.

Helpful Links:

Player Ran Events Form:
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