in game item Reimbursement & Compensation Policy

Updated 1st May 2023

In Game Item Reimbursement & Compensation Policy

The Main Points:

  1. Without confirmation of a bug we can not reimburse or compensate for any lost materials or items.
  2. We will not give materials or currency as compensation for unrecoverable items.
  3. Excessive or fictitious claims will not be tolerated, the support staff and the support ticket system are in place to help players and not to be abused for any sort of advantage. Abusing these systems can result in disciplinary action on your account. No compensation will ever be given as an apology or a means of appeasement, and attempts to overwhelm support staff with false claims will result in revoked access to the support system.

Tickets for pets:

  1. When submitting a support ticket about a pet, you must be in close proximity to your pet when the GM arrives. Game Masters will not move pets that may be stuck if the owner is not nearby.

Accidental Item Deletion:

  1. If you have accidentally deleted an item, make a support ticket immediately. If you have not moved too far from the location the item was deleted, and it hasn’t been too long, and we can see the item(s) history in our database, game masters are able to restore the item(s) for you.

Why are we taking this stance?

We are re-adopting and re-affirming this policy because of the excessive at times false claims we have received, and the extent to which addressing these issues had led to reimbursements and compensations which are unfair to other players who have accepted their losses in good faith. It has also misdirected our energies in the support team towards dealing with the most vocal of players while forcing the more reasonable players to wait for basic services such as being unstuck. It is our promise to you, the players, that you will never have to wait for service because our attention is being held by the unreasonable request of another player.

What do we mean by confirmation?

What we mean by confirmation is that the loss can be confirmed, the exact materials or items lost can be identified, and that the loss can be proven to be the fault of bug with the game. If there is no bug involved, we will not reimburse or compensate any items.

The following are examples of situations which are commonly misrepresented by claimant players, and for which we will no longer be giving any consideration. This list is by no means comprehensive, and merely designed to give a general idea of what is and is not confirm-able, a bug etc.:

  • Extracting materials in the wrong appliance, such as losing items to the furnace. This is an intended game mechanic and we will never give items back simply because they were mishandled by a player.
  • Attempting to refine a material without the material lore for the yield, ie: trying to refine steel without steel lore. The loss of all the materials used in refining is again not the fault of a bug, this is the mistake of the player and we will not compensate for this.
  • Materials lost while processing during a server restart.
  • Being killed by guards within a city due to misunderstanding the flagging mechanics. Again this is a lack of understanding on the players part and not a bug.

At the end of the day Mortal Online 2 is a game in which the players will experience both gains and losses: the losses are just as important to the game as the gains.

In the spirit of the game we will no longer encourage bad sportsmanship by giving undue attention to the demands that we reverse losses that don’t meet the above criteria.

Attempting to manipulate the support staff by false bug reports, misrepresenting a working game mechanic as broken, or any other form of false claims will no longer simply be denied, but we will also take action against those players who attempt to abuse the support system.