Naming Policy

Updated 8th August 2022

Naming Policy

This Naming Policy applies to all nameable things in Mortal Online 2, such as characters, pets, houses and guilds.

Names may not:

  • Be pure gibberish, obscene or vulgar, sexually explicit, pedophilic, anti-gay, ageist, sexist, ethnically, racially or sexually derogatory comments, or communication targeting any hostility toward a specific nationality, people, race, gender or religion.
  • Reflect, glorify or emulate any real-world group or organization such as terrorist groups, groups with criminal elements, discriminating organizations or their leaders and figureheads. This includes names of real-world military, political or religious groups.
  • Impersonate or parody any employee or representative of Mortal Online 2, Star Vault AB, Customer Support personnel or volunteers.
  • Contain Titles (Does not apply to Guild or Pet Names)

          Fantasy titles should be earned through the mechanics of the game

  • Contain advertising
  • Contain words that promote breaking our EULA or TOS such as “Cheater”, “SpeedHacker” etc

Note: Player names may be deemed inappropriate at a GM’s discretion. If a name breaches this policy or is otherwise deemed inappropriate by Star Vault, you will be required to rename the named entity. In the case a player is found to have a name which violates this policy, a GM will change the players name to a placeholder and allow the player to choose a new name which does not breach the naming policy.  

This naming policy may be changed at any time.