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    Watcha been eating recently?

    just fruit n veg like potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, rice, etc., you know, all the stuff you can't even use or survive on in MO but the opposite IRL :)
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    Whats Your History With Computers?

    first console was the Atari 2600 in late 70's, then a friends dad had a Sinclair ZX81 in 1981, i guess that's more 'computer' ish, he had Turtle graphics on it, it blew our tiny minds, and so it continues.
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    What Kind of Behavioral Preferences Are Lurking Around This Hellhole?

    indeed, there's a plethora of self-assessments that use 'objective' questions that end up subjective as soon as you get involved, probably should do the Neo Pi-R, MMPI/MMPI-2, 16 PF, and Eysenck along with the Myers-Briggs. online 'mensa' approved IQ test are always fun, if I'm such a genius...
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    What Kind of Behavioral Preferences Are Lurking Around This Hellhole?

    any assessing of your own personality, abilities, IQ, etc online or otherwise is going to be biased towards telling you what you want to hear :LOL:
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    Reasons why Sv should give, or should not give us 50-100 more Action Points.(Update: I changed my mind on that,after the Conversations in this Thread)

    yep 1100 per tree, 1100 action - 1100 crafting though maybe there's time to influence that since it seems vague i'm ok with it how it is but it may be hard for an MA/MC to squeeze in enough taming to grab themselves a nag out in that much larger wilderness :)
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    Main way of increasing stats?

    there's gonna be soooo much of the afk wood chopping, can't wait to see that all over the place with a population raising stats again
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    Main way of increasing stats?

    yes, it's been a few years since i've done this and it still seems odd gaining stats from what feels like tricks and cheats like spamming block/spurt/punch-or-chop-a-tree using little to no damage/loss in the 'learning' process i get that it feels like a rush for everyone to get up to full...
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    Do not Tie Clade Gifts to things like farming Risars.

    just beta streaming or not this feels a lot like we just had 'mob kill based levelling' introduced, let the dungeon crawl tours begin. another example of the Tindremic Empire overlords incentivising senseless killing !
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    No default flagging, optional flagging for advanced player towns only

    yea this 'facebook' emoji stuff is pretty banal
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    Fabernum Trip Advice What Fabernum has to offer?

    decent mic quality there Little Speznat in the sexy mountains, so much Granum, Calx and a little Saburra ;) LOL @ PTSD from GUTS #TripAdvisorSpeznat
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    Lack of offline protection will cost the game

    fucking spot on there old chap.
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    Your Favorite Songs

    for that time i got stuck in a crevice near the gates to Herabalter and no gods answered my call ..
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    GK monopoly on best resources needs rework.

    working as intended then really, even back when MO population was higher and both north keeps were active it was a great source of war and trading, it was also easier to watch and mine when people had their alt toons logged out there but the one character system should make it more realistic...
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    GK monopoly on best resources needs rework.

    having a few key monopolies reflects the reality of economic geography and biomes logically though, what sort of drawbacks ?