Mortal Online 2

Combat Alpha Patch Notes

June 5, 2020


  • Added option for using video settings recommended for your PC.
  • Added inital stats page, it’s not perfect or all working but it’s there.
  • Added a lot of new tooltips.
  • Added Khurite Splinted armor.
  • Added Khurite Splinted armor to the character creation.
  • Added beards.
  • Added some minor death partciles when the skeleton gets removed.
  • Chat now supports a lot more characters not just basic English characters.
  • /? will now start showing a list of commands. /? <commandname> will give further information about that command.
  • You now see leaderboards when finishing the melon track. There are still some issues with this, they take a long time to come up and the times are not show only your placement.
  • Added Field of View settings.
  • AddedEquipment hits.
  • Equip hits on weapons now removes durability from the weapon you hit.


  • You can now chose to have hair or beards in the character creation. Old characters do not have hair or beard by default.
  • /time should now show time in a better way.
  • Made UI tabs prettier in character sheet.
  • Improved placement of NPCs to have them use navmesh rather then collision.
  • Applying resolution has been tweaked to be less confusing.
  • Updated shoulder protection on Tindremic Knight armor.
  • Updated hip protection on Mercenary armor.
  • Removed the stun timer when changing weapons.


  • Fixed minor UI issues in the login screen.
  • Fixed issue where tooltips would disapear if you hovered something and got hit.
  • Fixed issue with dropping UI on other UI removing the UI.
  • Fixed issues with tooltips in message boxes not being the correct class.
  • The suicide button in the paperdoll will now update it’s text even if the paperdoll is open when you die.
  • Chat no longer shows “there’s” as “there”s”.
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