Combat Alpha Patch Notes


  • Added new out of world bounds to save players falling out of the map.
  • Added three different dagger types. (Can be found in containers in cities, and in the wilderness)
  • Added mountain region to the landscape.
  • Added the Minotaur Dungeon.
  • Added new starter skills for new characters, Poleaxes, Daggers, Ranged Combat and Archery.
  • Added first draft of VOIP. (you can set it up in the settings under Audio)


  • Updated the cloud system.
  • Cleaned up a whole lot of server code and did a round of optimization.
  • Updated skill window.
  • Updated character aim offset (how character bends) when looking up and down. The character will now bend less until releasing a swing, when the bend is more exact.
  • New turn cap implemented. Your aim (mouse input) will be unrestricted until you try to spin around. The turn cap will kick in roughly at one quick full turn (360 degrees).


  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to get stuck in charge animation when using click-drag input.
  • Fixed a rare crash.
  • World polish.

Known Issue:

  • Changing music volume setting sometimes removes other sounds, reset audio settings to fix. (Sometimes a relog is also required.)