Mortal Online 2

Combat Alpha Patch Notes

September 28, 2020


  • Added the Alvarin races.
  • Added Risar Berserker armor.
  • Added melee weapon crafting.
  • Added Poleaxes.
  • Added option to use round compass. (Work in progress)
  • Added minor animation to all lootable objects.
  • Added support for crafting workbenches.
  • Added first update to new level streaming. This update only affects the initial load of the world during the loading screen.
  • Added Ear rig with physics. (mostly for hiding the ears when putting on a helmet, but also for Alvarins)
  • Added support for splitting stacks. (the look of this UI is far from finished)
  • Added directional jump animations.
  • Added crafting tables to Kranesh and Fabernum.
  • Added crafting materials to barrels close to crafting tables.
  • Added DirectX 12 and DirectX 11 steam launch options.


  • All characters and old weapons are wiped to ensure correct testing results from the new crafting.
  • Disabled the queue system from swinging and blocking.
  • You can no longer block immediately after a swing.
  • Removed eye adaptation system, which could make the surrounding turn black mid day.
  • Character creation now shows default height for all clades.
  • Updated the world lighting.
  • You now get a message in chat when you pickup new items.
  • Players with too high ping will now be kicked from the server.
  • Updated jump logic and blends.
  • Renamed most weapon parts.
  • First version of tweaked crafting calculations for melee weapons. (e.g. Handle materials now have a larger impact on the weapon durability and damage, so spongewood/spongewood isn’t the best choice.)
  • This is a huge system and more changes will come.


  • You can now use the Invert ALT option when using directional keys for attack/block.
  • Fixed rare client crash.
  • Fixed floor placement for NPCs. (They no longer spawn inside the ground)
  • Fixed crash in new VOIP system.
  • Made several improvements to the skill window. (still very much not finished)
  • Fixed issue where you could paste large messages into chat turning them into weird characters.
  • Etherworld particles should now work again.
  • It should no longer rain in the ether.
  • Fixed issue in character creation that would create a female character if no settings where changed.
  • Hopefully fixed the issue that made characters fall through the ground if they teleported very far.
  • Massive cleanup on server code to make the code run faster.
  • Voice now connects properly on login.
  • You can no longer use VOIP when dead.
  • Fixed several issues inside the Minotaur cave.
  • Fixed some sounds playing louder in the left channel.
  • Fixed Thursar Males sometimes sounded like females when dying.
  • Weapons and shields no longer scale with the player. (this caused tall players to have bigger weapons)
  • Optimized the player loading into world system.
  • Fixed animation re-targeting issue causing female characters to get a retracted jaw.
  • Fixed issue in character master material resulting in all materials looking too rough instead of shiny. (mostly affected leather materials)
  • Fixed issue in body physics where the particles would spawn in bind pose instead of animation pose causing a pop on initialization.
  • Removed an issue in the animation blueprint causing unnecessary hitching, popping and random blend issues in all states.

Known Issue:

  • Changing music volume setting sometimes removes other sounds, reset audio settings to fix. (Sometimes a relog is also required.)
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