Mortal Online 2

Combat Alpha Patch Notes

September 8, 2020


  • Hard charge is now a static 1 extra second for all weapons.
  • It now takes 2 seconds before your hard charge starts losing power. (Used to be 1 sec.)
  • You will now lose power every 2 seconds when holding a hard charge for too long. (Used to be 1 sec.)
  • Updated the Spear right swing animation to make it easier to tell apart from the thrust attack.
  • Removed the Charge turn cap.
  • The turn cap is now instead a “Global Turn” cap affecting both horizontal and vertical movements.
  • FoV is now capped at 90-110.


  • The charge circle will now visually update when losing power from holding a charge for too long.
  • Fixed another charge animation stuck bug.
  • Fixed an issue where changing weapons could mix up different weapon animations and their stats.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to change gear while being in mercy mode.
  • Fixed getting stuck in trees inside Fabernum.
  • Fixed some trees that could disappear on low foliage settings.
  • Fixed an issue with weapon swing trails being all white.
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