Mortal Online 2

Combat Alpha Patch Notes

May 2, 2020


  • Added day/night this is a early version and we would love to get feedback from our alpha testers on it.
  • Added more screen resolutions.
  • You can write /time in the chat to see the current time of day to better report issues on give feedback.
  • Current time of day is running at a very high speed for testing.
  • Damage reduction correction on arms and lower body
  • Invert Alt option
  • Fixed missing foliage in Colored Forest
  • Last combat target stays focused until a new is targeted or you move too far from the target.
  • Fixed issue with logging in with low stamina
  • Fixed an issue where you could equip stuff and run if using auto run
  • Loot now vanishes quicker
  • Landing while sprinting does not make the animation play faster
  • Opening loot then moving away from it closes the interation window
  • Toggling the compass does not show/hide the mouse cursor
  • Added new experimental click-drag input option for mouse attack/block direction. Find it under Settings > Gameplay > Click-Drag Directional Input (Experimental). A longer description can be found when hovering the mouse over the setting.
  • Updated priests to use new character generation backend. (we test it on the priests first before moving on to the player characters)
  • Bug fix: Mercy mode would not return to the previous state on recovery
  • Bug fix: Character would get stuck in charge when entering mercy mode
  • Bug fix: Camera post process would be disabled after the player resurrects
  • Bug fix: A counter (parry) would play a double attack
  • Bug fix: Shadows cast from torches would display shadow bias artifacts
  • Bug fix: Camera got stuck in a slow motion state in character preview login screen
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