Mortal Online 2

Combat Alpha Patch Notes

April 27, 2020


  • Rebuilt parts of UI to hopefully fix the escape key crash
  • Fixed crash related to respawning characters
  • Sorted out issues with login server to make login smoother
  • Changed mouse sensitivity to better numbers
  • Fixed rare crash caused by targeting NPCs
  • Fixed issues with players taking HP damage due to hunger
  • Clicking logout now closes the game menu
  • All new characters now start with 110str 104dex 116con 80psy 80int
  • Fixed issue with players taking damage upon resurrecting
  • Added new starter skills that start at max level
  • Added so swings are slightly faster during a counter
  • Parrying now spares the defender from all the damage
  • You can now fall from greater height before taking fall damage
  • Attributes no longer gain experience
  • Fixed broken hand pose in 2H sword block
  • Minor tweaks to blocking animations
  • Increased the strength of push
  • Updated harness to appear whenever there is no torso
  • Fixed bug where players wouldn’t go into walking animations after stamina was drained
  • Fixed bug where trying to sprint while stamina was recovering would drain stamina without sprinting
  • Fixed ether ambient particles flickering when looking at it from different rotation
  • Possible fix for floating hair when dead – Sorted mouse sens being framerate dependent
  • Possible fix for the sky bug when getting hit – World object collision fixes
  • Added more weapons in loot
  • Quit game from the game menu now counts down and logs you out before exiting
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