Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

February 22, 2021


  • Added MorinKhur Graveyard.
  • Added Press extraction device to Meduli.
  • Added gathering to rocks and trees in the Jungle.
  • Added Bush Pigs.
  • Added Steppe Horses. (Not tameable/rideable yet)
  • Added translations update and new languages.


  • Creatures now have proper collision stopping players from walking inside them.
  • Animals now roam more and further.
  • Reduced network usage when players are standing still.
  • Updated clade gifts.
  • Optimized the Jungle.


  • Fixed a couple of crashes.
  • Fixed floating NPCs.
  • Fixed issues with buff-bar.
  • Fixed then login crashes.
  • Fixed issues with cooldown not triggering correctly.
  • Fixed issue with springboks not fleeing when they noticed a player.
  • Fixed rotation issues.
  • Fixed resources not respawning correctly after getting depleted.
  • Reduce character stuttering/wobbling when coming to a halt.
  • Characters no longer stutter every time after they have jumped.
  • Massively reduce rotation flips in avatar interpolations.
  • Character physics, such as cloth, now properly react to player movement. This might fix the spinning cape issue.
  • Keybinds should no longer reset.
  • Multiple crash fixes related to logout/shutdown.
  • Buffs should no longer get stuck on top of each other.

Known issues:

  • Jungle is still work in progress and under optimization.
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