Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

February 15, 2021


  • Added new gore system.
    – Slashing deaths can now remove limbs.
    – Piercing deaths now trigger specific death effects.
    – Blunt deaths now have more impact.
  • Added support for better death synchronization.
  • Added better AI support for herd-behavior.
  • Added Myrland Jungle.
  • Added Wisents.
  • Added new sounds for Kallards.
  • Added Jungle Camp.


  • Tindremene constitution cap increased from 92 to 96.
  • Tindremene strength cap increased from 96 to 100.
  • Increased length of two-handed axe handles.
  • Replaced humanoid idle sequences / poses with new ones.
  • Creatures now properly rotate in place with movement instead of swiveling like a turret.
  • Creatures can now turn their head and look at players while staying stationary instead of rotating in place while doing so. (if they are interested in the player that is…)
  • Creatures now bank and and turn while running around in different directions.
  • Increased stats on Steel for armor crafting.
  • Players now turn their lower body while sprinting diagonally.
  • Character rotate-in-place is now better synced with the ground and does not cause the character body to stutter or the physics to misbehave.
  • Paperdoll camera has been updated to better match the height of the character. (both preview and fullscreen)
  • Characters and fauna now play idles at different timings so that they no longer pretend they are in a synchronized dance show.
  • Updated the small icons to the right of your attributes.
  • You can now move the chat window.
  • Chatsize and chat position now get saved.
  • Paperdoll now display stat caps.
  • Paperdoll attribute tool tips now display clade modifiers and weight modifiers.
  • Finished most of the clade buffs including all war cries.
  • Tweaked AI in fleeing mode a bit.
  • Changed all the attribute clade gifts.
  • Creating a guild now only takes gold if you successfully create the guild.
  • Clade gift attribute bonuses are no longer raw.


  • Unnecessary call in character tick removed that could save a few CPU cycles.
  • Hands no longer disappear in first person at grazing angles. (rare issue that only happened when just the tip of the fingers were visible)
  • Left weapon swings no longer plays unarmed or handle hit sounds.
  • Character body no longer stutters when turning around while stationary. (characters are also “planted” again in combat mode, but are missing rotate-in-place animations)
  • Character physics on body/cape/armor/hair no longer behaves oddly when turning around while stationary.
  • Blainn male hairstyle 2 are now properly attached to the head. (it had a slight detachment due to physics)
  • Creatures no longer get randomly stuck in a frozen walking pose during idle sequences.
  • Weight now affect max stats in char creation.
  • Added clade gifts to character creation screen which update based on selected clade.
  • Weight modifier for strength now affect body strength in char creation.
  • Attribute increase/decrease messages should now take into account clade gifts and weight modifiers.
  • Fixed calculation errors in character creation.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with vendors.
  • Fixed issue where clade gifts wouldn’t always trigger unless you relogged.
  • Fixed issues with guild UI with lots of members.
  • Fixed issue with murder list not resetting the UI making the list very long.
  • Fixed issues with the clade gift experience meter.
  • Fixed issues with clade gifts not correctly showing as in cool-down when used.
  • Fixed street lights in Cave Camp.
  • Landscape fixes.
  • Optimization: One of the core game systems updated with possible performance improvements. (just a tiny bit) in crowded areas.
  • Optimization: Animation code refactored/improved for players and creatures. (could improve CPU performance slightly as a side-effect)
  • Crash fix: Playing equipment hit sounds no longer crash the game on odd occasions. (related to players being removed)
  • Crash fix: Music playback would sometimes crash the game. (crash report seems related to login/logout but is not definitive)
  • Crash fix: VOIP would sometimes crash on initialization after loading the world.
  • Crash fix: Rare issue in low level code fixed.

Known issues:

  • Jungle is still work in progress and under optimization.
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