Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

February 2, 2021


  • Added Cave camp.
  • Added Basic character customization.
  • Added Skin colors.
  • Added Hair colors.
  • Added Eye colors.
  • Added /Exportbuild command.
  • Added “Login crash notice” to the main menu to inform players about the annoying bug so that they know that they should try again.
  • Added Risar Dungeon.
  • Added first type of Risars.
  • Added attribute locks.
  • Added storm particles.
  • Added support for wind on foliage.
  • Added simple guild support, you can start a guild by interacting with the community guild stones found in the world. Creating a guild costs 200g (Gold coins can be found in barrels inside cities)
  • Added the social menu. (0)
  • Added Guild chat.
  • You can now see the guild of players if they choose to show it when targeting them.
  • You can now see the nation of NPCs when targeting them.
  • Added more NPC talk.


  • You can allocate 10 attribute points at a time by holding shift in character creator (a little janky atm..)
  • UI polish.
  • Widened arrow trail to make it slightly more visible.
  • Updated crafting preview scenes for improved stability. (should look pretty much the same)
  • Adjusted cameras and lighting in login screen and character creation.
  • Temporarily made it so that you regain long term sp and hp when resting.
  • Removed AI leash.
  • You now lose reserves in HP,SP and MP.
  • Updated clade gift icons.
  • Added thursar and oghmir warcry buffs.
  • Revamped where cladegifts are in the tree and changed many of them. All clade gifts with proper names and descriptions should now be considered implemented and if they don’t work please report it.
  • You now gain cladegift XP from killing certain mobs. (x100 for testing)
  • You no longer start with full clade gifts.
  • Butchery and skinning now takes just a very short amount of time
  • Tweaked stamina cost on 1H weapons.
  • Balanced the Dexterity caps on Huergar, Blainn, Sidoian and Kallards.


  • Fixed the voip unmuting after tabbing back in ignoring voice activation setting.
  • Code refactoring for improved stability.
  • Fixed multiple crashes related to engine garbage collection.
  • Removed “leg-pop” in female idle animation.
  • Reduced frequency of login and shutdown crashes. (still present, we’re working on it)
  • Fixed skinning artifact on Male Kallard Hair 2.
  • Fixed bug where a living player that logs out would only get hidden instead of being removed from the game world. (the player was never at risk, it was just a hidden object that remained in the engine costing CPU cycles)
  • Fixed bug where helmets and Oghmir face hair would not cast shadows in first person.
  • Fixed bug where sound would be permanently silent after logging out and back into the game. (the menu still has the no-sound bug)
  • Fixed bug where sword parts would appear in the bow crafting preview window.
  • Fixed bug where arrows in quiver would not dissolve with the rest of the player body.
  • Your body shape now updates correctly when fatness changes.
  • Fixed issues with standings not updating correctly.
  • Fixed several instance of clade gifts now updating the UI correctly after being activated.
  • Fixed several instances of crashing due to player being loaded out.
  • Fixed double soundtrack playing in some biomes.
  • Fixed ghosts not having collision with gatherable trees and rocks.
  • Multiple landscape fixes.

Known issues:

  • New cloud system is not yet connected to the weather system.
  • Ai is still work in progress.
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