Beta Patch Notes

January 16, 2021


  • Added chat window resizing.
  • Added option in settings to use vertically constrained FOV, mainly for Ultrawide screen users.
  • Added bow crafting.
  • Added wind particles.
  • Added new emotes. List them by using /emote in local chat.
  • Added new hairstyles and beards. (See Hair 2 or Beard 2 in character creation)
  • Added new player hints.


  • Engine updated to 4.26
  • Updated DLSS support from NVidia.
  • Leash now increase the HP regeneration on AI.
  • Opening split stack now moves the caret to the window.
  • AI now leash back if they can’t switch to a bow and can’t deal damage.
  • AI can now switch back to melee if they switch to bow.
  • Updated texture streaming settings.
  • Thursars and Alvarins have new body proportions.
  • Right click now works in the bank window.
  • Vendors now close when moving away.
  • Player bodies now reflect their stats. Players can be thin, fat, fit, muscular, and so on.
  • Added Play/Pause render button to paperdoll. (pausing will improve performance while paperdoll is open)
  • Barrels now contains coins for purchasing items from the Material Vendor.
  • Optimized Morin Khur.


  • Fixed AI pathing issue.
  • Landscape maps have been resampled to fix a lot of crashing issues.
  • FPS is stabilized (microstutters is reduced when turning around).
  • FPS is improved (due to various optimizations and fixes).
  • Fixed a couple of crashes.
  • Fixed issues with patrolling AI.
  • Fixed standings not correctly updating when murdering NPCs from different nations.
  • Fixed issue with the chat messing up the text when moving between channels.
  • Fixed memory leak in chat.
  • Removed alt options when right clicking in loot.
  • Fixed classic “you failed to split this item” issue.
  • Fixed splitting issues in the bank.
  • Fixed issues with right clicking stuff in vendors.
  • Criminal timers now reset properly on being hit.
  • Fixed resources on the server not respawning correctly.
  • Fixed AI constantly screaming at people even if they couldn’t see them.
  • Fixed AI chat showing up wrong if AI had a space in their name.
  • Hunger now goes down and not up when eating.
  • Thursar mouth is no longer slightly open when neutral.
  • Textures should no longer be blurry on lower texture settings in DX11.
  • Voip now more reliably reconnects.
  • DLSS now works, but the different quality options dont make a difference yet.
  • Possible fix for crash when charging a weapon.
  • Server optimization.
  • Optimized UI a bit.

Known issues:

  • We are experiencing a unusually high amount of crashes due to the engine upgrade. We are fixing them as fast as we can if you crash please make sure to send the report.