Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

December 30, 2020


  • Added Morin Khur as a starting location.
  • Added new map area around Morin Khur.
  • Added aggressive AI.
  • Added defensive AI.
  • Added guard AI.
  • Bow aim method added as option in settings. (aim with crosshair or arrow tip)
  • Built new chat bubbles used by AI to communicate.
  • Added Guards to cities.
  • Added bandits to the wilderness.
  • AI can now carry and use shields .
  • AI can now carry and use bows.
  • AI can now carry and use melee weapons.


  • Charged attacks can now be released before reaching the end of the charge animation.
  • Increased pitch sensitivity in click-drag.
  • Updated weather.
  • Updated environment sounds.
  • Landscape optimization. (Textures, gaps, collision issues etc.)
  • Major optimization work on all UI.
  • CPU bottleneck in the UI fixed, resulting in better game performance. (Please try using DX12 again if you have been using DX11 for performance reasons.)


  • Charge attacks can now be released before reaching the end of the charge animation.
  • Fixed bug where death and resurrect sequences would not play camera animation.
  • Fixed issues with time sync .
  • Moving AI should now more correctly follow the ground instead of hovering.
  • Nation Standings now change correctly depending on your race.
  • Nation Standings min max is now correctly calculated.
  • Nation Standing names update to better reflect the current standing .
  • Fixed a rare chat crash .
  • Fixed rare server crash .
  • Fixed issue where server could desync the time and cause major issues for all AI.
  • Fixed issue with AI seeing dead players .
  • Improved AI leash when too far away from spawner.

Known issues:

  • Logging in when dead will display equipment on self.
  • Logging in while dead and resurrecting will cause sounds to not play. (Relog once again to fix.)
  • Some static NPC’s float slightly above the ground.
  • Guards and bandits do not always enter mercy mode correctly.
  • Ai has some pathing issues being worked on. (Not always taking the shortest straight path)
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