Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

March 1, 2021


  • Added magic combat.
  • Added /ExportBuild command, you can find the CharacterBuild file in your Steam folder.
  • Added hotbar for easy access to common menus when the mouse is visible.
  • Added dutch as a language option.
  • Added Taming.
  • Added stable NPC’s.
  • Updated all localization from our awesome community translation.
  • Alvarin clade gift combat leap added.
  • Alvarin clade gift and buff “Alvarin Sight” added.
  • Added Nightvision clade gifts.
  • Added big trees to the jungle.


  • New characters now start with a spellbook and the required skills to cast their first spells.
  • New characters now start with taming skills so that they can start testing taming.
  • Modified several clade gifts.
  • Arm movement in first person combat has been refactored and is now more stable while moving around (see [Combat/FirstPerson/ArmsAndWeapons] under bug fixes).
  • Player rotation updates will now update more frequently when turning quickly, hopefully fixing the issue where it looks like a player is barely turning while doing a 360.
  • Loot despawn timer set to 30 min.
  • Lowered Thursars Dexterity cap from 100 to 96.
  • Added 16 extra attribute points to pure Tindremenes.
  • Added 8 extra attribute points to Sidoians.
  • Added 16 extra attribute points to Sarducaans.
  • Added 4 extra attribute points to Kallards.


  • Improved buff placement/scaling.
  • Fixed some AI fleeing behavior.
  • Fixed a couple of crashes.
  • [Combat/FirstPerson/ArmsAndWeapons] Looking up and down no longer has a 1 frame animation lag (caused weapons/arms to drag behind more than intentional).
  • [Combat/FirstPerson/ArmsAndWeapons] Camera had a one frame lag when turning on the spot causing a slight stutter in the character body.
  • [Combat/FirstPerson/ArmsAndWeapons] Turning around no longer cause random large jumps on arms in first person.
  • [Combat/FirstPerson/ArmsAndWeapons] Sudden change in movement direction would sometimes cause a jump in arm movement.
  • [Combat/FirstPerson/ArmsAndWeapons] Arms no longer hitch/jump when turning quickly and changing movement direction while running or sprinting.
  • Character height is now properly updated in game (races have only used their “default” height so far).
  • Targeting is no longer off-center from crosshair.
  • Targeting now works when charging with a bow.
  • Crosshair no longer gets stuck in the wrong location on screen when a bow charge fails due to low stamina.
  • Players should no longer be able to do continuous floating bunny jumps without jump and land sounds.
  • Overall world polish and fixes.

Known issues:

  • None
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