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World's First MMORPG on Unreal Engine 5

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Patch Notes – 2.0.6

Read the patch notes for our latest patch here! This update introduces the Mastery Tree, a new dungeon, new armor and rideable Wisents.

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What is Mortal Online ii

A sandbox MMORPG like no other.

Nave is a persistent world filled with content and unique stories.

Mortal Online 2 is first and foremost a player-driven game. It is the players who gather resources, craft goods, set up trade routes, build houses, fortifications, and villages – wage wars, or keep the peace.


What you choose to do in Nave is entirely up to you.

Stay in the relative safety of protected cities, or risk venturing out into uncharted regions for resources and treasure, or seek out monsters of legend to test your mettle.

Fight and kill other players – or protect the people around you from marauders and mischief, for bounties or renown.

Profit from gathering, taming, refining, crafting, construction, trade, protection, and more.

Join a guild to compete for trade or territory, build keeps and engage in epic wars.


All these paths are open to you, and you can travel them alone or together with others. No matter what you choose, your time in Nave is guaranteed to be an unparalleled experience, exclusive to you, and forever written into its persistent history.

This isn’t our game, it is yours.




Thursday, August 19th

Final stress test & Release Discussion

Tune in to Henrik’s stream on Thursday, August 19th at 18:00 UTC for updates regarding our upcoming final stress test and launch into early access!

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