Mortal Online 2

UE5 PTR #2 Is Now Open!

November 3, 2023

Greetings Mortals,

The second Unreal Engine 5 public test realm is now open!

Although there have been many changes since the last PTR, the main focus for UE5 PTR2 is testing the new performance improvements and stability, along with improved streaming lines, fixing the login issue some people had in PTR 1, and the introduction of the new task system.

This PTR will run over the weekend.

How to Acceess the UE5 PTR2 on Steam

Starting tomorrow on the 20th of October, we will make the PTR beta branch on steam publicly accessible.

To swap to the test branch, simply:

  1. Open your Steam client and right click Mortal Online 2 in your games library.
  2. Click ‘Properties’
  3. Click ‘Betas’ on the left
  4. Using the ‘Beta Participation’ dropdown menu, click on the Mortal Online PTR branch.
  5. Your Steam client will then patch your game over to the test branch, and if the servers are up already you will be free to log in as normal.


Due to the entire game being migrated to a new engine, the download will be quite large.

If you would like to create a backup of the live version of the game so that you can quickly swap between them before you switch to the PTR branch on steam, here are the instructions to do so:

  1. Before swapping to the PTR branch on Steam, open your Steam client and right click Mortal Online 2 in your games library.
  2. Click ‘Properties’
  3. Click ‘Installed Files’
  4. Click ‘Browse’
  5. Navigate ‘up’ one folder to ‘Common’
  6. Copy your ‘Mortal Online 2’ folder, and rename the copy to ‘Mortal Online 2 – Live’
  7. Now switch to the PTR branch on Steam
  8. When you want to swap back to the live server, navigate to the ‘Common’ folder again, and rename the current ‘Mortal Online 2’ folder to ‘Mortal Online 2 – PTR’ and rename your ‘Mortal Online 2 – Live’ folder to ‘Mortal Online 2’. Do not change the Steam branch from the PTR.
  9. You may now launch the game from your Steam library, and you will be playing on the live server. When you want to swap back to the PTR, simply rename the folders again.
  10. This will allow you to easily swap between game versions without needing to change the branch or redownload the game each time.

Trying Out The New Task System

There are two new types of tasks you can engage with on the UE5 PTR2.

Head to an inn to start with either of them, and speak with the Taskmaster NPCs.

You will earn Renown for each different type of task you complete, with higher Renown allowing you to unlock more difficult tasks.

The UI, icons, and names for many things you will see on the PTR may change in the future.

We would love to hear your feedback about these new tasks in our feedback questionnaire, which will be held after the PTR has ended.


See you on the PTR!

The Star Vault Team

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