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Territory Control PTR1 Starts Soon – How to Join

June 27, 2023

Greetings Mortals,

The time is almost upon us, soon we will dive into the Territory Control public test.

This post will explain how to access the Steam beta branch for the test, along with what to expect and some helpful information.

How to Access the TC PTR

Starting at 1 PM UTC on the 28th of June, we will make the PTR beta branch on steam publicly accessible.

To swap to the test branch, simply:

  1. Open your Steam client and right click Mortal Online 2 in your games library.
  2. Click ‘Properties’
  3. Click ‘Betas’ on the left
  4. Using the ‘Beta Participation’ dropdown menu, click on the Mortal Online PTR branch.
  5. Your Steam client will then patch your game over to the test branch, and if the servers are up already you will be free to log in as normal.

There will be a link on the login screen to a small TC manual to help with any questions you may have.

In our previous announcement we mentioned that you will need a code to access the Mortal Online 2 PTR beta branch on Steam. In the end we may not require such a code, however there is still a small possibility that you will need one.

We will be sure to distribute the code on all of our platforms when the time comes if necessary.

Getting Started with Territory Control & Sieging

To help you and your guild hit the ground running once the PTR goes live, we have prepared a manual on our website detailing all the various new systems and mechanics being introduced.

How the PTR server will work

The PTR server is a clone of Myrland, which means your character will be ready and waiting for you once you log in, along with all your items and even your house.

We chose to do it this way to minimize setup time for engaging with the new mechanics, and to better simulate the transition once the final patch makes it to the live server.

As we will be running multiple public tests for Territory Control before that time, we have not decided yet whether or not we will take a new clone for each future test or simply leave this “branch” alone after the first test ends.

What will be available in this first PTR?

All the core systems of Territory Control and Sieging will be present, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Claiming Territory with player houses
  • Claiming Territory with keeps
  • Expanding Territory with keeps
  • Earning and progressing Guild Tiers
  • Building structures within your Territory
  • Building and using Siege Tents
  • Building and using Siege Weapons (Manganon & Ballista)
  • Guild Supply & Supply run system
  • Guild vendors
  • Earning and spending Prominence
  • Keep guilds earning a portion of their citizens upkeep taxes (player houses within the Territory of the keep)
  • Guard Towers
  • Capturable Supply Towers
  • Door breaching


Reporting Bugs on the PTR

Should you run into any issues on the PTR, please use the normal in game bug reporting tool. Bugs reported on the PTR will have a special flag so we can separate them from live bug reports, so please report anything you find!

Giving Feedback About the PTR

After you have spent some time on the PTR and seen all the new systems, we would very much appreciate you taking the time to fill out our feedback survey.

All feedback will be read personally by the design team, and will help ensure we can make Territory Control the best it can be.

Henrik’s Weekly Stream Moved Up

Henrik will be starting his stream a little early tomorrow afternoon at 1 PM UTC instead of his usual time, to cover the PTR as it goes live.

Be sure to stop by his stream if you can’t get into the game yourself over on the Mortal Online 2 Twitch channel.

We Need Your Help!

We will be putting together a trailer for the final Territory Control release, and we would be humbled if anyone would like to lend a hand by recording any spectacular or cinematic events which occur during the PTR. This could range from large siege battles to atmospheric scenarios involving any of the new mechanics.

If you are inclined to take some recordings for the trailer, any video content we may use must have the following features:

  1. 16:9 recordings only (1920×1080, 2560×1440, 3840×2160)
  2. 60fps minimum
  3. Cinematic settings
  4. Steady and smooth mouse movements, no sudden jerky or ‘flicking’ motions etc
  5. UI toggled off (Default keybind is F10)


Please upload any recordings you would like to share with us to a google drive or other cloud storage platform and send a link to Nimbus (nebulousmortal) who you can find in our official MO2 Discord member list under the Star Vault Staff role. 

See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

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