Mortal Online 2

PTR1 Hotfix Notes

June 29, 2023


  • Increased the fall damage when you get launched by Manganon. It is proportional to the launch speed.
  • Changed engine garbage collection settings in an attempt to reduce game stuttering.
  • You no longer need the map item in the inventory to see the Myrland map when you press M.
  • All prominence added to a guild from members is now x10. Messages clients receive will still show the old number.
  • The master builder now sells Supply Tower deeds.
  • Adjusted the placement rules for all TC structures. They should all be easier to place now.
  • Adjusted the placement rules for player owned houses. Houses should now be a bit easier to place.


  • Production & Supply goods can now be placed in bags/pet bags.
  • TC buildings belonging to a guild that was removed will no longer be able to pay upkeep.
  • Fixed bad collision in Strongholds blocking players from walking up the stairs.
  • Potential fix for guild guards having weird rotations in TC structures.
  • Fixed issue with members guild prominence and treasury stats not updating correctly if they hadn’t done anything the last day.
  • TC buildings and houses that get destroyed now get their logs in the territory UI removed.
  • Fixed issue with keeps not generating territory if they were placed when the game was patched.
  • The button to “Remove Claiming Stone” now says “Destroy Claiming Stone”.
  • Possible fix for a rare node crash.
  • Setting buildings to “alliance” no longer removes access for the owning guild.
  • Upgrading houses should now correctly increase the size of the territory.
  • Optimized map to make it less heavy for the client to update territory.
  • Fixed an issue on the map that made the area belonging to allied guilds the same color as areas belonging to enemy guilds.
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